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I Asked A Dietitian To Translate 9 Food Terms And I Finally Understand Why They're Important

Pass it on to a parent in need.

As far as food terms go, I'll admit that as a mum of two small humans, there are a few minor (ok, major) knowledge gaps that could do with filling — pronto.

1. Thankfully, the Glycaemic Index is easier to understand than spell.

2. Health Star Ratings are your friend when running around the shops like a manic person, because they provide a quick and easy way to compare similar packaged foods.

3. A serving size can vary and won't always reflect the amount you eat.

4. The definition of whole grain? The clue's in the name.

5. 'Best before' and 'use by' dates are two quite different things.

6. What does RDI stand for, because I probably have a ~Really Different Idea~ of what it does actually mean.

7. What constitutes "high protein" and "high energy"? — because I feel kids need (and use up) a LOT.

8. And finally, those "essential vitamins and minerals" we hear of so much — what even are they?

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