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    Swinging Lifestyle-A Guide For Beginners

    What do swingers mean?

    As you can see if you are searching the term on Google, swinging is a non-monogamous lifestyle in which both partners (married or not) are engaging in sexual activities with other (another couple or multiple couple or threesomes), with the full knowledge of their spouse/partner. Also, swinging is a form of open relationship and it has a recreational purpose.

    No one knows exactly when couples started to practice swinging, but it is said that the phenomenon started somewhere around 1960.

    Talking about it with your partner is the first step

    Ask yourself why do you feel the need to have intercourses with another people? Is it because you want to spice up your sexual life, or is it because you want to discover new things together? Talk about it.

    Before you are getting in the lifestyle, make sure that you and your partner are completely secure in your marriage or relationship. It's very important to have a healthy relationship before you are going to start swinging. If you are unhappy with your spouse and you will think that swinging will solve your couple problems, you might be disappointed.

    Set your rules

    Also, it is very important to set some ground rules before going to meet another couple or going to a party. Talk with your partner about different situations that could occur. For example, do you want to play in the same room? What happens if one of you wants to leave the party earlier? Are you comfortable with all the things that might happen?

    How do you meet other couples?

    The most common place where you can meet swingers and also one of the best places you can find other couples or singles is at swingers clubs.

    The best way to meet people that are comfortable in this lifestyle is through swingers clubs and swingers parties. With a simple online search, you can easily find clubs and events near you. Once you got there, you can either go to the club's playrooms or just invite the others to your house or to your hotel room.

    But, whatever is your choice, do not forget that the most important thing while swinging is to always use protection.

    The lifestyle is certainly not for everyone, but it could fulfill your fantasies and it could be a lot of fun for you and your partner.