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    15 Sooner Hacks That Will Change Your Life

    Hyperbolic? Us?

    1. Hide your alarm clock across the room if you have unhealthy relationship with the snooze button.

    An 8:30 a.m. class can be a struggle for those born without Disney-style “rise and shine” constitutions.

    The harder to find the better. May your quest begin at 7 a.m. sharp!

    2. Keep up to date with free food offerings on campus by follow @freefoodOU on Twitter.

    Got that mid-day campus “hangry” feeling in your belly? Takeout and fast-food can take a toll on a student budget, so why not follow @freefoodatOU on Twitter.

    The crew behind Free Food at OU alerts Sooners to OU locations where you can snag a sandwich or snack, like the free turkey dinner in Couch Tower or burgers at the annual Bevo Burgers event.

    Go ahead, follow. Don’t let fate stand between you and free pizza.

    3. Speaking of pizza … never go without a plate again with this display of genius.

    It’s the height of sophistication.

    4. Have a fresh date, but low on that cash flow? Check out the events offered at the Oklahoma Memorial Union for some easy-on-the-wallet activities.

    The Union Programing Board is a student-led organization dedicated to providing a diverse set of programs and events for OU students.

    We recommend catching a free flick in Meacham auditorium brought to students by UPB’s very own Film Series. Follow them @UPBou to keep updated on the latest events.

    Remember that there’s always something at the Union.

    5. No clean spoons lying around the apartment? Let this stroke of genius inspire you.

    No one should have to eat yogurt with a fork. NO ONE.

    6. Follow @OUparking on Twitter for real-time parking status updates.

    Parking on campus, but not sure which lot is the best option?

    The folks behind @OUparking give minute-to-minute updates on daily parking conditions and alert students when lots become full.

    7. Become the resident dorm DJ and get your beats bumping with solo cup speakers.

    What?! Now you can play “Shake it Off” at an even louder volume?

    #Sorrynotsorry, suite mates.

    8. Nervous for a big interview? Hit up OU Career Services to take part in its Mock Interview Program.

    Interviewing for a prospective job or position can be stressful, but practice makes perfect when learning how to make a positive impression.

    Students are invited to sign up at no cost to sit down for a realistic, mock interview situation that can adeptly prepare them for the real thing.

    Learn more at OU Career Services.

    9. Running out of room in your tiny dorm or apartment closet? Add a soda can tab to double your hanging space.

    Think of the possibilities! Slacks on slacks on slacks!

    (No, we won’t apologize for the pun.)

    10. Get together with your roommates and agree on a chore system that holds everyone accountable for house chores.

    Dorm and apartment living can be hard enough without endless trash and dish pileups. Communication (not passive-aggressive note writing) is key!

    11. Visit OU’s Writing Center for essay and writing guidance.

    Is writer’s block stopping you from delivering a stellar essay? Not even sure about how to start it? Have no fear; the Writing Center is here.

    The crew at the center can offer one-on-one consultations over written assignments and give students the tools needed to create an “A” worthy paper.

    Visit its homepage to take advantage of writing resources. Go ahead, Shakespeare. Release those fresh phrases on us all.

    12. Roommates butting heads over microwave-hogging issues again? Try this mind-blowing maneuver.

    Chili dinner for two? Two chili dinners for one?!

    You’ve got the power. You decide.

    13. Take advantage of your professor office hours (SERIOUSLY).

    Building a relationship that goes beyond the walls of the classroom will help your professors learn who you are as a person and enable them to help you academically and professionally.

    Especially in large lecture-style classes, popping in to say hello makes you more than just a face in the classroom.

    14. Pick up a few coasters on your next night on the town to create a colorful and eclectic collection for home.

    Never again waste coin on buying coasters to protect your precious Ikea coffee table or desk.

    We have seen the Mont's styling option proudly displayed.

    15. Finally, rumor has it that a meal exchange at Couch Express late in the week can get you a meal’s worth of cookies.

    But you didn’t hear it from us.