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    10 Types Of Students Who Could Really Use Tapingo

    A nifty new app brought to Sooners by OU Housing & Food Services allows students to grab their food and get to class on time.

    The University of Oklahoma's department of Housing and Food Services has partnered with Tapingo, a mobile ordering service that allows students to order and pay for food ahead of time.

    Yep, you heard us right. Students can avoid standing in long lines by ordering and paying on their phones at eight on-campus eateries. Visit the Housing and Food Services site to find out how to take advantage of the new-to-campus app.

    We could name a few types of Sooners who could use a way to #waitlesslivemore.

    1. The Cross-Campus Commuter

    Dale to Sarkeys in 15 minutes? Catlett to Gaylord in 10? No problem!

    For the super-fit speed walkers of campus, nothing is impossible.

    Just think of the possibilities that on-the-go ordering can have for the tightly scheduled student! They can go the distance and grab a bite on the way!

    2. The Constant Caffeineator

    Rarely seen without their latest fix, the caffeine crusaders need the life-blood of champions to fuel their success. The less time between cups of joe, the better for this bunch.

    Did we mention that Tapingo can be used for orders at the Oklahoma Memorial Union Starbucks?

    3. The Class Snacker

    There is always that one student who appears to have an endless supply of snacks tucked away in his backpack. Unless you brought enough for the whole class, it’s best to enjoy a class meal more discreetly.

    Use Tapingo before class instead of double tasking.

    4. The Sleeping (In) Beauty

    To sleep an extra 20 or enjoy a balanced breakfast, that is the question.

    With the time saved from Tapingo, you can have your beauty sleep and a delicious Crossroads breakfast sandwich too.

    5. The Ravenous Rusher

    You’ll never know where you’ll be when hunger strikes, but it’s most likely to occur in the middle of class.

    Use Tapingo to treat yo’self to an after-class snack that’s ready for you the moment you run out of the lecture hall.

    6. The Time Mis-Manager

    When you join the fun over at procrastination station, time becomes of the essence.

    Order some fuel on your way to that ill-advised all-nighter at the Biz.

    7. The Focused Fellow

    The most dedicated and studious of campus.

    Less time in line means more time on that study grind.

    8. The Busy Body

    So many student organization meetings, so little time to stand among the plebeians in line for food.

    9. The Long Line Hero

    Day after day, this unsung hero demonstrates the determination of a successful Sooner.

    Anyone who has ever hit up the OMU Starbucks line around 10:30 a.m. knows that feel.

    10. The Chronically Late Classmate

    While they may not be timely, they are consistent in their lateness. What’s holding them up? Sleep? Traffic? A giant, fire-breathing monster? Who knows?

    One thing guaranteed with Tapingo is that waiting in line for food surely won’t be the cause.