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"Little Zangief" Finally Snaps After Being Bullied

Reddit and Twitter are all abuzz over this video of a kid lashing out against a much smaller bully. What was the scrawny kid thinking? This is why they say, "pick on someone your own size."

  • Currently the #5 international Trending Topic on Twitter is "Zangief" the nickname given to the husky bullying victim.

  • Reddit

    A link to the video was posted to Reddit, although the video keeps being removed from Youtube. In the video, a scrawny kid seems to be harassing a heavier kid, landing at least one punch before being picked up and thrown to the ground.

  • Update

    The following text has been appended to certain uploads. Whether or not the information contained is factual remains to be seen.

  • "Casey Heynes has had enough of being bullied. This 16 year old kid has been tormented every single day of his short high school life - and today he snapped!! He was suspended and may be looking at criminal charges, all because this little runt thought he could make an example of Casey in front of his "TUFF buddies!!" Althought I don't condone violence, I felt compelled to pat him on the back with a big massive kudos!! To all the bullies out there - you will get yours one day! And for those who feel inspired by Casey's retaliation - feel free to post a message here for him! He doesn't have facebook, but practically lives at my house and he is very excited to see what messages will be here for him each day!"

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