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Did Police Nab The UK Census Hacker?

Was LulzSec behind the UK Census hack? Did the UK Census hack even happen? Who's this kid the police have arrested while LulzSec continues unphased? What's with the AntiSec Graffiti popping up in San Diego?

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  • UK Census Allegedly Hacked

    Last night, a message from someone claiming to be affiliated with hacker group LulzSec created a post on PasteBin, claiming to have obtained the 2011 UK Census data in full. No evidence of a security breach has yet been made public.

  • LulzSec Denies Involvement

    According to the LulzSec Twitter, whoever wrote the Pastebin post was not actually affiliated with the group. So far, LulzSec has made public statements about their exploits, large and small, available on

  • UK Police Arrest Teen

    This morning, reports that UK Police arrested a 19 year old they believed to be "a main player" in the goup.

  • LulzSec Twitter Denies Knowledge Of Teen

    Soon after reports of the arrest made news, LulzSec's Twitter continued uninterrupted, claiming that they had no knowledge of who the "poor bastard" is.

  • Operation Anti-Sec

    Although never appearing on LulzSec's official release page, a call-to-arms apparently written on behalf of LulzSec appeared on Pastebin days ago, encouraging any and all hackers to join together under the flag of Operation Anti-Sec, encouraging vandalism in both online and physical spaces.

  • LulzSec later

  • Strange Graffiti

    San Diego's CBS 8 reports that Anti-Sec graffiti has popped up all over the Mission Beach boardwalk. Whether participation from Anonymous will help or hinder LulzSec remains to be seen.