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Which European Monarchy/Imperial Countryball Are You?

Countryball is the comical design of differing countries through both history and present day. Today, we will be focusing on the Empires of Europe, before the Great War ruined them. Which would fit you more? (Note: Scandinavia was not included because I got tired)

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  1. What do you place high emphasis on?

    Attempting to maintain my state
    Attempting to assemble a military
    Trying to gain territory that belongs to me
    Trying to force my way into the Middle East
    Trying to maintain relations with my alliances
    Attempting to industrialize my nation
    Rely on others to support me
    Expanding my political boundaries
  2. Who would be a close ally?

    The United States of Prussia
    Imperial Russia
    Empire of France
    Kingdom of Greece
    British Empire
    Kingdom of Serbia
    Kingdom of Italy
    Influences from overseas, outside of Europe
  3. Who is your bitter enemy?

    Empire of France
    Imperial Russia
    The Germanic States of Prussia
    Empire of Spain
    Kingom of Italy
    Ottoman Empire
    Virtually everyone
    Albanian insurgents
    Empire of Britian
  4. How industrialized are you?

    Second most industrialized in Europe
    Barely industrialized at all
    Third most industrialized in Europe
    First most industrialized in Europe
    Half of the nation is industrialized, while the other half is not
    Just beginning to industrialize
    Not industrialized at all
    Too disorganized to industrialize
    Too poor to industrialize
    Rely on others to support our endeavors, industrially
    We have plantations and agragarian industries
  5. Are you an investor into foreign colonies and imperial growth?

    We have some African colonies, but not much
    We have expanded the majority of the Middle East
    Some colonies in Africa and Asia, fairly sized
    We've had colonies from America to Asia, some sizable colonies as well
    We've had too many matters over here to deal with to think of colonies
    We did have a colony in the America's but it was sold out
    Political climates were too dangerous for colonial expansion
    We didn't exist until recently
    We are far too poor to afford anything like colonies
    We have been competing with others for African soil
    We expanded across the majority of the America's
  6. How did you begin?

    A series of states gathered into a confederacy
    Through a mixture of warfare and religious growth
    A series of city states, coming together because of religion and war
    Monarchy, before the introduction of parlaiments
    The union of two royalties coming together
    An alliance under the rule of one Monarchy
    Under the control of foreign powers
    Formerly controlled by the Ottomans
    We've changed from foreign empire to foreign empire
    Formerly under the leadership of France and Austria-Hungary - before unifying into one state
    A long series of city states, which still exist, under the rule of one Monarchy
  7. How has your empire changed over time?

    We have changed dramatically from confederacies to one unified and centered state
    We have lost territories because of wars with Russia and local populations revolting
    We have changed from differing political ideologies, some with totalitarianism and some with free states
    We have sufficiently gained as an empire and grown with parlaiments and economic gains
    We have forged new alliances with other nations that were former enemies of ours
    We have not changed, politically, but have varied over the years
    We've changed the political reigns frequently, trying for what is best for our nation
    We have been set free from foreign Ottoman control, but are now confused and uncertain
    We have changed from being controlled by others to being ruled by a Monarchy
    We are now our own nation, opposed to the foriegn manipulation from the French or Austro-Hungarians
    We've lost significant colonines overseas, while able to maintain a few - barely
  8. Which of these figures looks similar for you?

    Otto von Bismarck
    Otto von Bismarck
    Mehmed the Fifth
    Mehmed the Fifth
    Napoleon Bonaparte
    Napoleon Bonaparte
    Elizabeth the First
    Elizabeth the First
    Franz Joseph the First
    Franz Joseph the First
    Peter the First
    Peter the First
    Alexander the First
    Alexander the First
    William of Wied
    William of Wied
    Otto the First
    Otto the First
    Victor Emmanuel the Third
    Victor Emmanuel the Third
    Duke Don Carlos
    Duke Don Carlos
  9. How important is Hierarchy in a nation?

    Very important for a nation and people to maintain themselves and lives
    Glory to God is higher than to man
    It can vary from country to country, policy to policy
    It is of the upmost importance to maintain hierarchy, to serve as a good example
    It can be shared between two powers - two postions of power to create a better Union
    Very important to remain in the hierarchy and work to sustain it
    It depends on who the hierarchy is founded and forged by - which then determines its worth
    Hierarchy is necessary, but not everything in a country to survive
    Hierarchy should fall back to the people and if they manage to support it
    Hierarchy is important and can be used to challenge opposition and counterparts to a nation with
    Hierarchy serves a purpose, but must never be forged above that of the population
  10. How will you see yourself dissolved by?

    A failed war brings a sudden end to my empires many years of power and growth, bringing anger to my people
    A localized series of wars and collection of failed battles will obliterate any remaining support of my nation
    A series of revolutions will deteriorate my innerworkings as thousands of lives are tossed into the abyss of war
    After several wars - all being waged on friends of mine or on my country, will eventually breakdown the former glory of my nation
    An immense division within our unification will be worsened by a failed war, which will cost my country its union and thus the overall state.
    A series of bad political moves disappoints the population of my nation and engages into an inner civil war - which expunges my existance altogether
    We will grow too weak to defend ourselves and will soon be implemented into another nation, to once again try and break free
    We will lose our leader to the first war we engage into and quickly dissolve into city states, before being divided and separated
    After several wars, we will be invaded and lose our leadership and in turn our independence
    We will continue our aims of glory and growth, but will change political beliefs many times and possibly be invaded
    We wil engage into a civil war which will render our opponents useless, but our leader who aimed for this preservation will pass - causing our empire's support to disappear

Which European Monarchy/Imperial Countryball Are You?

You got: Unified German States of Pussiaball

Prussiaball can be best described as the first major centralized power within the Germanic regions, spanning from present day Estonia to Western France. The encompassing empire left the majority of Europe in shock at its valued military and strong monarchy - which endorsed traditional values of royal families - while still allowing elections for various legislatures. Being the centralized power for the Germanic Confederacy, allowed for Prussia to become the most powerful German nation amongst the rest of central Europe.

Unified German States of Pussiaball
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You got: Empire of Ottomanball

The Ottomans were defined as ruthless and extensive, spanning a fair amount of the Balkans and Southeastern Europe during their existence. The Ottomans were based in Turkey and were determined by the Monarchy which maintained the Muslim caliphate for nearly 623 years, in total. The expansion of the Turkish Ottomans ranged from Rumania of southern Europe to the Suez Canal of Egypt, pushing through present day Syria and Iraq, before stopping at Georgia. Politically traditional in nearly all aspects, the expansion and growth of the empire was astonishing and allowed for its recognition as a European power, as well as an invader in the 1600's before being pushed out by Polish and German crusaders and hussars in the following campaigns.

Empire of Ottomanball
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You got: Empire of Franceball

The French Empire was one of Europe's most expansive powers, right next to the British, gaining each other mixed feelings and several differing centuries of war and plundering. France has varied over the many differing centuries, from its progressive mentality and its political theories. While formerly a Monarchy, elections and forms of Republics were implemented, allowing for France to be one of the first to emerge from the traditional ruling principles of Monarchy. Experiencing many eras of growth and success and many of failure, France has been seen as the power behind many ideals which America could reference to, seeing members like Montesquieu as sources of respectability. Setting the stones in place for financial success with Lassaiz Faire economics and providing intellectual havens for its time, France was a definitive example of a Westernized nation, in glory.

Empire of Franceball
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You got: Empire of Britainball

Britain has been referred to by many as the "Empire Where the Sun Never Sets," for good reason. Having expanded across the Afro-Asian continents, Britain maintained its Empire through a mixture of economic value and military strength. Colonial in nature and imperial in drive, the British were one of the most economically enabled powers in Europe. While expansive, Britain was not ignorant and maintained dealings and trades with foreign nations, keeping good affairs and even settling its conflicts with France. Politically changing from its former Monarchy to a much more publicly accepted government, Republics were established and the Houses of Commons and Lords were enabled, providing British rule with more voice. While still maintaining their figureheads of royalty, parliamentary systems also spiked other colonies, like America, to endorse similar methods.

Empire of Britainball
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You got: Austria-Hungaryball

Austria and Hungary were once unified in an agreement, which allowed for a Dual State to emerge. Each country had its own separate cabinet and parliament, maintaining a union of convenience and for power. The unified nations provided bulk for the majority of the Southern European continent, stopping at Serbia and spanning into Ukraine. Politically a dual monarchy and separate, but unified, the state lagged behind most other Empires in economics and growth. The state grew to become a railing central for Western and Eastern European powers to use and with regard to their Italian associations down South, maintained good relations with Prussia in its later years, signing an alliance with Italy and Prussia in the late 1800's. Troubled with its unifications - determining which regions should be under the charge of which ethnic culture, Austria-Hungary challenged itself numerous times with these as the dual monarchy differed at times and appeals.

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You got: Imperial Russiaball

Russia was one of the largest empires to span across two continents as a whole single nation, compared to Britain who had scattered colonies across the world. Lasting approximately two full centuries and ending abruptly in the civil war to end almost all of Russia's former glory in 1918, made Russia a growing but also lacking demographic to the European face. Being held together by vassal states and under the single command of a traditional Monarchy, one of the few in Europe by the turn of the century, gave Imperial Russia a mixture of bad internal communication with its populace and good international relations with its allies overseas, Britain and France. While lacking industrialization, the empire managed to be one of the largest empires to culminate its large armies, which successfully ended the Ottoman's expanse and control in the late 1800's. Having on and off relationships with Prussia and Austria-Hungary, made Russia a mixed partner in trade and politics with international affairs for Central Europe.

Imperial Russiaball
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You got: Kingdom of Serbiaball

Serbia has many differing politics and a long history of disagreeing with its neighbors and itself over matters. Being the triggering mechanism for the Great War, Serbia's violent nature was held together as political representatives in Serbia changed during coups in 1903, after assassinations of Alexander I and his family allowed for newer political members to assemble under the Serbian flag - Peter I being one of them. Close relations with different nations, ranging from Russia to France, cost Serbia its relations with Austria-Hungary allowing for differing relations to fester and bloom. Serbia being nearly destroyed several times between 1918 to 1922 in a series of Balkan based wars, as well as being annexed by Austria-Hungary, Prussia, and Bulgaria in 1915 - before being reclaimed by Serbian troops and expanding its kingdom in 1918 with other Slavic kingdoms in the area.

Kingdom of Serbiaball
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You got: Principality of Albaniaball

A formal government in 1913, the Albanians experienced their first sense of freedom from the former Ottomans as an independent state, before being consumed by chaos in 1914. Experiencing radical changes, held together by provisional regional governments - rather than a single unified bodily government - caused distress as single cities were either defended or held together through local insurgents and consistently evacuating forces, such as the Serbians, through to Greece. This lack of government quickly disassembled it, in 1918, when Greece, Italy, Serbia, and France occupied and expanded their borders into Albania.

Principality of Albaniaball
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You got: Kingdom of Greeceball

The small and ignored nation of Greece was allowed its own identity when the Ottoman's unleashed a lot of their territories in the Balkan regions of Europe. The Greek royalty was a short lived one, which cost Greece its identity, ending its royalty in 1924, to then be replaced with a Hellenistic Republic. This short lived government also was reintroduced in the 1930's but was quickly abolished in 1973, leading to civil war. The Greek kingdom lagged badly, compared to most other states and was sucked into a series of wars, ranging from the Balkan Wars to the Second World War. Sadly, Greece was never exceptionally astounding with its ruling and remained poor, being passed from empire to empire before being allowed temporary autonomy.

Kingdom of Greeceball
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You got: Kingdom of Italyball

Italy was formally declared independent by King Emmanuel II of Sardinia. Following legal matters and negotiations, Prussia and Italy retained close relations, while simultaneously becoming enemies with Austria-Hungary and waging war. Gaining territories within Austria-Hungary fell to Italy, after 1866 as well as spawning several oversea colonies in Africa. Italy maintained strong relations with Prussia and the Germanic confederacy held around Prussia, but was opposed to (if not violent repulsed by) Austria-Hungary seeing their hold on Italian land in the Southwestern territories above them as solely Italian territory. The political demographic of Italy was primarily held onto by Monarchy - but this was quickly changed to a figurehead status and replaced with a Prime Minister, until 1922, when Benito Mussolini changed the political positions of Italy to totalitarian authority. This allowed for Italian Monarchy to remain, but also as a figurehead and by 1943 the Italian kingdom was discontinued by Allied invasions.

Kingdom of Italyball
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You got: Empire of Spainball

Spain had grown extensively over the following centuries, before losing territories overseas in the New World, ironically being the first to invade and the last to lose colonies to local populations. Expansionistic like Britain but unable to maintain similar economic gains as local populations rebelled against Spain - eventually causing losses in nearly all of its colonies. Monarchy was maintained in Spain, as parliaments were introduced into Spanish authority before being overthrown by Francisco Franco and replaced with an authoritarian totalitarian regime which remained until his death in 1975.

Empire of Spainball
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