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14 Reasons You Wish You Were Part Of A Sitcom Family

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1. You'd only have to put up with family drama in 30-minute chunks.

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2. The studio audience would be there to laugh at your dad's bad jokes so you wouldn't have to.

3. And you'd always have your FUN, ZANY UNCLE to turn to for advice.

4. Your friends would come directly to your window to hang out.

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5. You'd always have home-cooked family dinners to look forward to.

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6. You'd always know when your mom was about to teach you a valuable lesson, because the sentimental music would start.


7. You'd inevitably have a new baby brother, sister, or nephew to welcome into the world...

8. ...along with a pretty sweet family dog with a cool name like Comet or Spot.

9. You'd get to experience the joys of volunteering with your family at the soup kitchen.

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10. And Halloween would always be a huge to-do for the whole family and neighborhood.

11. You'd probably be raised by more than two parents.

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12. And you'd have awesome distant relatives you'd meet at the funeral of another relative.

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13. Your friends would help you experiment with your science fair project and cause a mess, but oh what fun it would be.

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14. And best of all, your favorite celebrity would probably surprise you by making a cameo and serenading you on your birthday.

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