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Decorating Ideas With Christmas Candles

Share the warm this holiday season with christmas candle decorations.

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3. Christmas Candle with Candy

These Christmas décor makes one delightful piece for any table top. Dress up those tea light candles with some leftover white ribbons. Place them on top a small wreath to serve as holder. Add some red garnishments to color the greens.

4. Christmas Chandelier with Candle

Chandeliers always add some delight and elegance to every dining room. There’s no need for fancy candles, those white regular ones would do the trick. Hang some metallic Christmas balls on it and you’ll have your own Christmas chandelier. Let it burn while you’re having a meal and it sure makes it a wonderful memory.

5. Candle Centerpiece

This Christmas candles decorations would sure make a lovely centerpiece. Use some old glass as holders and a green square plate to place them all. Place the green candles on the corner glasses for symmetry. Put some metallic Christmas balls and other decors on the remaining cups.

6. Pine Cones and Candles

The idea in this piece is just simple and easy to do. You don’t need any extravagant pieces or grandiose decors. Some dried pine cones turned into a round wreath would do the work of a holder. Place four candles on top and this would sure shine brightly through the night.

7. Snow Candles

Give those red big candles the illusion of white snowy Christmas with this unique tip. Apply some mod podge into the candles with a foam brush. To create the snow on the candle, sprinkle or roll it with Epsom salt. Place it together with some dried pine cones onto a white plate and you’ll have white Christmas inside your home.

8. Ice Lantern

This Christmas candle deserves more than a second look. It shows the nice contrast between warmth and coldness. Freeze the garnishments for some time to create the holder. Place it outside and everyone who passes by would sure look back.

9. Poinsettia Ice Lanterns

This outside Christmas décor is nothing short of stunning. The frozen holders are adorned with poinsettias. The tea light candle burning inside is just lovely. These Christmas lanterns are definitely a sight to behold.

10. Wine Glass Snowmen Candle

Put some old glasses and bottles into good use this Christmas with this delightful idea. Dress those wine bottles into jolly snowman or other Christmas figure with some colorful paint and paper. Make sure to steadily glue those plates on top to avoid any accidents. Place some white tea light candles on the top to finish the décor.

11. Wrapped Christmas Candles

Transform those big white pillar candles into something more colorful this season. Use some leftover wrapping papers and ribbons as the main embellishments. Cover the candles with these papers. The ribbons would serve as further trimmings.

12. Glittered Candleholders

Instead of just making those glassware collect dusts in your storage, make them more meaningful this Christmas. Stick some transparent cutout patterns inside this glassware to give it more life. Place the red pillar candles inside and let it shine brightly though the Christmas breeze. Place some Epson salt on the bottom of the glass for the snowy effect.

13. Candle with Ribbons

This Christmas candles show how life should be – sweet and simple. These big white pillar candles trimmed with some unused fabrics or ribbons are majestic enough. Place some red berries on them to give it further style and elegance. Some greens on the bottom and everything are perfect.

14. Silver Christmas Candle Decoration IDeas

This Christmas decorations would sure fit any table top. It offers that nice nostalgic vintage touch with its gray and silver hue. Place some metallic Christmas balls around it to complete the ensemble. The wreath and candles covered with felt have the right texture and volume.

15. Unique Christmas Candle Decoration

This table décor idea is not just for Thanksgiving but also for Christmas too. The wooden effect gives the whole piece a sturdy vintage appeal. The small candles are lovely. The pine cones scattered around add a nice touch of nature.

16. Big Glass Candle

Flickr: robwallace

This Christmas candle is so easy to do you do not need to but any grandiose pieces. One big glass would make a nice holder. You only need one white burning candle inside makes up the light. Just toss into different garnishments and you’re done.

17. Bucket Christmas Candle

Transform some old galvanized bucket into something more apt for Christmas. Fill it up with some green pine leaves and dried pine cones for color and hue. Top it with regular white candle for light. Some cinnamon sticks lying loosely on the side to finish everything.

18. Cinnamon Scented Candle

Make your own scented candle right at the comfort of your own home with these simple tips. Cover one big white pillar candle with cinnamon sticks. Garnish it with unused fabric. Finish the décor with some twigs and berries and you’ll have a fragrant candle.

19. Simple Christmas Candle

Light up your living room with this homemade Christmas candles. Place one white candle inside those unused mason jars. Fill them up with some white effects for that snowy theme. Tie some ribbon around the lid to give it more color.

20. Candy Christmas Candle

This unique Christmas candle shows your love for the sweets. Glue those candy pieces around the white pillar candle. This candle provides a unique pattern and design. It is just deliciously lovely.

21. Homemade Candle

This décor is not just creative - it’s also eco-friendly. Make use of those old bottles as the candle holder. Stick some cutout craft paper on the bottle so that it would not be painted – your choice of design or pattern. Then paint the entire bottle with your preferred color.

22. Mason Jar Christmas Candle

Unused mason jars can be recycled and transformed into something more appealing this season. Dress up the lid with some glittery ribbons. Some tea light candles would do the trick. Make it more welcoming with some messages coming from the heart.

23. Glittered Christmas Candle Decoration

This Christmas candles are not just bright but also glistening. Some gold glitters on one part of the glass would do the magic. Create different patters to fit your taste. Place it on your table tops and this would sure brighten your space.

24. Snowman Christmas Candle

Turn those ordinary white pillar candles into something more festive this holiday season. Trim them with some old checked fabric to work as the snowman’s scarf. Glue some black buttons on the cloth to complete the look. These smiling snowmen would welcome everyone into your house.

25. Icicle

Flickr: 34306030@N02

Winter Wonderland inside your home with these icicle candle holders. White Styrofoam pieces on the bottom create snowy effect. The icicle patterns on the lid of the glass are endearingly beautiful. The varying sizes of the candles are the perfect decors.

26. Warm Knitted Candle

Dress up those candles with some warm knitted holders to go for. Go for the multicolored ones to make it livelier and apt for the festivity. Place it on some greens to match the festivity. Place some Christmas balls surrounding the pieces to finish it off.

27. Hanging Glass Candle

Some snow globes hanging on the ceiling would make up the best chandeliers in your space. Some tea lights inside each glass globe are a welcoming invite. You can place it as well on your windows. You could also put some outside to complement the inside of your house.

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