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    28 Unusually Cool And Clever Christmas Trees

    Make your Christmas tree be something unique this coming Yuletide season

    1. Nescafe Cup Tree

    For coffee lovers out there, have you stored up lots of disposable Nescafe cups? Turn it to a Christmas tree. With some lights up, and you're done!

    2. Peter Paper Tree

    Christmas trees are expensive decors and a lot of people could not simply purchase the piece right away. This DIY paper tree would surely give you the spirit of Christmas you want at a very affordable price.

    3. Memory Lane Tree

    Traditional Christmas pine trees are just big - it takes a lot of space. Transform your bare wall into something uniquely you. Create a tree silhouette on your wall to start with. Fill the inside of the silhouette with your Christmas cards, picture frames, Christmas ornaments and more.

    4. Twigs of Joy

    No need to purchase big chunky trees to fill up your living room. A simple white ceramic would do the trick. The twigs painted in golden hue gives it luster. Christmas words like Noel, Joy and Hope provides encouragement to whoever needs them.

    5. Ladder Light Up

    This Do-It-Yourself tree sure is a center of attraction this Christmas. Use your white sliding ladder as the frame. As a final touch, decorate it with lights and ribbons.

    6. Tree of Bottles

    Decorating and recycling has never been looked so good with this cleverly-themed Christmas tree. It has layers of bottles placed on the wood. The light from the middle has been reflected by the bottles elegantly. The concept not only helps save nature but a lovely décor, too.

    7. Bookworm Tree

    Even if you are a student living on your own in a dormitory with limited space, a Christmas tree is still a feasible task. Stack the books that you do not use anymore to resemble a pyramid. Encircle it with red beaded rope. A golden star topper would sure put the finishing touch.

    8. Seashells in the Seashore

    Almost anything nowadays can be turned into one nice Christmas piece. How about those old branches and sea shells? Of course! Create this white-themed Christmas tree by painting those branches white and put together with sea shells.

    9. Christmas Tree Wrap up

    Excess wrapping paper could still be used for something else other than waiting for a gift to be wrapped. For maximum effect, choose red and green gift wraps. Glue the rolled pieces on a white cardboard. For added accents, place red and green buttons.

    10. Fluorescent Tree

    This one of a kind Christmas tree gives the holiday a new meaning. The fluorescent lamps vertically aligned to create a tree are simply electrifying. The black and white colors are in perfect contrast. This is one modern design you sure would want to see.

    11. Upside Down Tree

    This upside down Christmas tree would sure catch everyone’s attention. The complementing ornaments dangling on its branches give it color and life. The small bulbs do not out stage the whole thing. This tree is as unique as you are.

    12. DIY Newspaper Tree

    Turn those old newspapers and colored ones into a new Christmas tree. Stick the rectangular pieces of paper into a sturdy tall stick. The stand would be any clay pots just lying around the corner. As an added twist, you can paint the newspapers gold to match the star topper.

    13. Ginseng Tree

    Local plants such as the one picture here that are growing abundantly on your area can now be used to create your very own Christmas tree. Native flowers with bright red or pink hue act as the perfect garnishment. The brown color of the branches makes you feel closer to nature. It showcases both your resourcefulness and creativity.

    14. Tree of Stuffed Toys

    This tree made from hundreds of cuddly stuffed toys would make the kids go bananas. The stuffed toys are of varying size and colors. The goal is to design something that is simple but still captivating.

    15. Artistic Tree

    One of the most unusual Christmas trees around, this piece sure gives artistry a whole new level. The circles standing on the planks looks like they rolling around. The colors actually hit the spot. The lights placed inside gives off just the right amount of radiance.

    16. Hanging Tree

    This hanging Christmas tree is just striking. The wood pieces held together act as rails. The lights take the shape. The structure gives you the freedom to accessorize it the way you wanted it to be.

    17. Modern Spiral Tree

    The minimalist approach of this Christmas tree makes it stand out. The green ribbons tied on the steel rail provide texture and color. The different colors of Christmas balls make the piece more interesting. The gifts on the bottom make a good stand of the tree.

    18. Eco-Friendly

    The eco-friendly theme of this modernized Christmas tree is an art form itself. The steel branches are neatly put together. The ornaments are primarily of red and yellow hue. This is recycling incredibly done right.

    19. Wall Christmas Tree

    No need to cut down real pine trees just to decorate your living room. This perfectly cut figures on special paper would very much do the trick. The process is simple and does not require too much work. The accentuating snowflakes are definitely plus points.

    20. Wooden Ladder Tree

    This Christmas tree ladder tops the list for resourcefulness and ingenuity. Retire your old wooden ladder with dignity by turning it into this striking Christmas tree. The varying lengths of the dangling ornaments on the center give it more style. The complementing snowflakes on white Christmas lights make it glow more.

    21. Twigs and Branches

    This Christmas tree made out from sticks and twigs are a great way to accessorize your place. The stacked up twigs has the right amount of texture and depth. No need for overkill accessories as the simpler it is, the better it would be. It is unique and magnificently splendid.

    22. White and Modern

    Soft and white are the main objective of this uniquely-made tree. The fluffy white cover of the wire gives a nice soothing effect. The corresponding white Christmas balls make the right accent. The corresponding white Christmas balls make the right accent. The tree is definitely one of a kind, just like you.

    23. Snowman Tree

    A snowman is not just an outside décor on your yard. It can now be placed as a Christmas tree topper. The white leaves and white lights cover the body. The dark balls on the middle resemble the buttons on snowman’s dress.

    24. Branch of Tree

    Even branches of a tree can be an elegant Christmas décor. Stick it upside down on your wall and place the gifts on the bottom for better appeal. Just a small amount of lights would already brighten up the display. Red berries for accents add color.

    25. Rainbow Tree

    Bring color to your living room with this neon-themed Christmas tree. Made from old pieces of cloth and fabric, this tree is just eye-catching. The multicolored animal decors attached to the tree are also from paper towels. The tomato cage acts as the framework.

    26. Lampshade Tree

    Old lampshades made this Christmas tree a little bit more exciting. The glittery red butterflies peacefully cling on the steel grill. The multicolored Christmas balls provide richer color and much more vividness. It is old but the concept is new.

    27. Galaxy Tree

    This Christmas tree truly covers the whole area of your living room up until the ceiling. The great pattern created by the shadows is a work of art of its own. The silver balls are lustrously appealing. It is just the right piece at the front of your fireplace.

    28. Pallet Woods Tree

    Old pallet woods can be turned into one amazing tree on your front porch. Stack the pallets according to its length. You may need to cut the excess to achieve the pyramid look. Add some snowflake figures to complete the décor.

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