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    25 Best Birthday Cards That Will Make Their Day

    There’s no better way to show someone you care by sending them heartfelt words on their special day. The practice of gifting someone with a greeting card can be traced back to the ancient Chinese, who used the exchanging of messages to share goodwill among each other for New Year. Even Egyptians used papyrus scrolls to convey their greetings and good wishes.

    1. Say Happy Birthday with roses

    2. Keep the faith

    3. Be Happy

    4. Birthday wishes for friend

    5. A rose among the thorns

    6. Pretty special in pink

    7. Bright and cheerful birthday wishes

    8. To the best hubby in the world

    9. A teddy bear hug

    10. A heartfelt moment

    11. Tongue-in-cheek

    12. Simple and sweet birthday wishes

    13. Cheeky and sweet birthday card

    14. Platonic and special

    15. Cute and funny birthday card

    16. Sharp and sassy

    17. Formal yet special birthday card

    18. Brainy brightness

    19. Oozing with good vibes and love

    20. A very cheesy affair

    21. Handmade birthday card with love

    22. A compliment to make them smile

    23. Beautiful birthday blessings

    24. Cupcake delight

    25. Prosperity and peace