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5 Easy Tricks

Here is a compiled list of five street smart tips and tricks, which can be applied to get the best deals on flight bookings.

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5 easy tricks to save your penny on air ticket bookings

Now that summer is around, this is a time when everyone will be busy planning a wonderful getaway with friends and family to have a relaxed and peaceful time. And, something you can't deny is that booking of air tickets is the most important aspect of chalking out a perfect plan.

Here is a compiled list of five street smart tips and tricks, which can be applied to get the best deals on flight bookings.

Keep a constant eye on the flight website

I am sure most of you would have experienced this. As soon as you are about to click on the "Book Now" button the fare of the flight increases in a jiffy. This is because these airlines have smartly implemented some mechanisms, which actually change the fares every now and then.

Booking a ticket is more like gambling. If you are lucky, you get the ticket at the cheapest price. Otherwise, you have to bear the brunt of purchasing tickets having a very high price tag. Thus, it is always advisable to keep a constant look on the airlines website as soon as your plans are made. Whenever you see the lowest price, do not think twice and just press the "Book Now" button. Even speculations do not work here, just like in stock markets.

Time your purchase of tickets wisely

In this context, proper timing is everything that matters the most. Analysis of the fare pricing trend would show you clearly that most flights offer cheap tickets on weekdays, like Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

All major airlines also play the gimmick of offering flights tickets at almost no cost on these days with sales and lucky draws, just to attract the attention of the flyer. Thus, you should time your purchase with these events to avail the benefits of buying a cheaper ticket. For domestic travel, it is advisable to book forty-nine days in advance to get the best deal. However, travelling during a peak time of the year would hardly make a difference if you book on a weekday or a weekend. Being elastic about your dates of travel would also help to book the ticket available at the best price.

Check alternate airport options

If your destination is more than one nearest airport to reach, do not rule out even one of them. Check flight fares to all the nearest airports. If your stars favour you then you may find the last seat available on a discount.

Thus, check all your options before making a choice. However, make sure that the overhead cost related to reaching the actual destination is less when you are booking a flight from an alternate airport, otherwise, it would actually end up in loss of time, money and energy.

Segregate the number of tickets to be books and purchase separately

Most of the people are under the impression that more the number of travellers better is the discount they get. However, this is just a myth as most of the airlines have limited discounted tickets. When you search for a large number of people than the number of discounted tickets available, they show you normal ticket rates, which might make you think that you are getting a group discount.

However, this might not be the case. Purchase all the tickets separately to get the best deals on the tickets. Before searching for separate tickets, take the initiative to search for group tickets as well, just to make sure that the airlines have enough seats to accommodate your entire group.

Search for exclusive combined holiday packages

If you are lucky then you might find exclusive deals on both flight and hotel booking. So, be on a look for these deals as they prove to be very pocket-friendly and you can even avoid the burden of looking for a hotel on your arrival to a new city. If you have loads of bags to carry, then pre-booking a baggage package for excess luggage would prove to be a good idea and you give you a hassle-free experience.

You can use these above-mentioned tips as a booking guide to saving a lot more than you actually expect to. So next time you plan a holiday be wise to follow all these points and have a great vacation ahead. You can now shrug off all the tension because cheap business class tickets at can solve all your problems and help you save plenty on fares.

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