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12 Tech Startups That Will Awaken The Entrepreneur In You

One thing they have in common? UNSW Australia graduates were the brains behind them all. To become a part of world-class innovation and teaching, enquire at UNSW today.

1. QLC

QLC is a platform that lets skilled workers ~experiment~ with different careers. How? By connecting them with startups and creative companies that need help with a particular project. The companies get help, and the workers get insight into a different industry or role. So don't panic if you haven't found your dream job yet.

2. PocketFire

The PocketFire app was designed to replace the outdated paper maps that Australian firefighters relied on. It allows firefighters to create and share their own real-time maps and has a bunch of other tools like fire danger meters and alerts.

3. GetFoodi

The GetFoodi app puts hungry people in touch with home chefs, and vice versa. So instead of eating the same old greasy takeaway every night, people can enjoy a bowl of Nonna's home-cooked bolognese or their next-door neighbour's chili con carne for dinner.

4. Chuffed isn't your regular crowdfunding platform. Instead of pledging for the latest gadget, people donate to different socially conscious projects from around the globe. It's free for individuals, not-for-profits, or social enterprises to list their projects, and 100% of the money donated goes to the cause.

5. Conscious Step

Conscious Step has taken the purchase of an everyday commodity – socks – and given it a far greater purpose. The sock designs (while also being stylish) are each connected to a different charity or cause, and a portion of money is donated from each pair.

6. Gamurs

Established in 2015, Gamurs is a specialised social network for (you guessed it) gamers. It's a place for them to find other likeminded people, stay up to date with the industry, and share their own content without feeling like they're being judged or labelled as "geeky".

7. FrameFish

Virtual try-on software FrameFish takes the guesswork out of buying glasses online by allowing customers to digitally try on specs before buying them. It helps to solve the whole "What it if they don't suit me?!" problem faced by online retailers.

8. Austern

Austern is an intensive applied learning program designed to inspire and empower uni students in their future careers. The three-week bootcamp, which runs in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, and Hong Kong, gives students training as well as the chance to work closely with innovative companies to solve actual business problems.

9. TradeSumo

Going back to the good ol' days of bartering, TradeSumo is an online marketplace where users can swap goods (from light globes to LCD TVs) and services with other people in the community.

10. Forcite

Tech company Forcite Helmet Systems created the world's first intelligent snow helmet. Their smart helmet technology features GPS tracking, an inbuilt camera, speakers, and a microphone that lets wearers keep in touch with each other.

11. Qnect

If an online ticketing platform and a social network had a baby, it would look something like Qnect. Aimed at uni students, the app makes it easy for societies to sell tickets to their events and for the guests to meet up so they can arrive together.

12. Crowd & Co.

Online marketplace Crowd & Co. has created a new way of working in the legal industry. It connects lawyers, law firms, and businesses, allowing them to collaborate on different projects as needed, helping to improve productivity and manage workflow highs and lows.

Got an idea bubbling away? More tech entrepreneurs have come out of UNSW in the past 15 years than any other Australian university. Bring your ideas to life with a degree at UNSW Australia.