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14 Experiences You Can Only Have As A University Student In Sydney

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1. Passing out on a beanbag after a long library session.

Instagram: @unsw / Via

3. Or just spending all your spare time eating while trying to work out how to say "pho" correctly.

Instagram: @unsw / Via

Hint: It's pronounced "fuh".

5. Getting your daily workout on the Basser steps.

Instagram: @unsw

Every day is leg day.

6. Becoming a coffee addict so you can stay awake through all your lectures.

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But hey, at least it's good coffee (and the brownies don't hurt either).

8. Overloading on sugar from the free fairy floss stall that sometimes pops up on campus.

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10. Or running away and joining the circus.

Instagram: @unswcircussociety

11. Being covered in the purple rain when jacaranda season comes around in November.

Instagram: @unsw

13. Checking out the latest bands at the Roundhouse.

Instagram: @unswroundhouse

The parties there are pretty good too.

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