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Swaovania In Space?

LEAKED NEWS: Is Swaovania secretly sending probes and ships into space? Here are some SHOCKING facts about Swovania's technology...

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The facts

Swaovania recently recovered from the economic lows previously due to failures in banking probably caused by machinery errors and a government reform. This is most likely why the dictatorship of New Bacedon broke from the DRoS. On the topic of New Bacedon, it appears to greatly prioritise its economy over everything else, such as civil rights and its environment; however, ironically, its economy is now very similar to Swaovania's. But what caused Swaovania's economic success? One reason could be the reinstallation of capitalism in Swaovania. But I don't think that that's all... maybe they're secretly stealing resources from Merciam's moons? This would also explain the increase in technology. Even if they aren't taking them from the moon, what's there to say that they aren't stealing resources from other countries? They could trade agricultural goods with nations who aren't environmentally well off. :O Stay woke.

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