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It's Been 36 Years And The Keddie Cabin Murders Are Still Unsolved

What happened that tragic night?

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On April 12, 1981, a group of 7 people went to sleep in Cabin 28 at the Keddie Resort Lodge in California. What occurred next shocked the country:

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Four people were killed, three of which were found in Cabin 28. Their bodies were found by Shiela Sharp, who, unlike the rest of her family, had slept at a friend's house next door.

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Sheila's 12-year-old sister Tina was missing from the scene but her remains were found at a different time.

Sue Sharp, Johnny Sharp, and Johnny's friend Dana, were bound together by some type of electrical wiring. A bent steak knife was found on the floor, and a bloody butcher knife and claw hammer were found on a small wooden table near the entryway to the kitchen.

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Blood spatters were found on the floor and ceiling suggesting the kind of forced used.

Marty was reportedly an abusive husband. There are reports that Sue Sharp had been counseling Marilyn Smartt on her marriage.

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When finding out about Sue's interference with his marriage, Marty reportedly went "ballistic" about it.

Despite there being much more to this case, the investigation strangely stopped there. There was evidence that went unnoticed and people of interest who may not have been vetted properly.

The father of Dana Wingate (the friend of the Sharps who was also killed) said in 2001 the police had "stumbled over each other and fouled up the case."

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Many others suspect the police on the case may have been involved in a cover-up.

The sheriff at the time of the murders, Doug Thomas, is accused of a cover-up in many online theories. The theories allege that he was a close friend to Marty Smartt at the time. At one point, Thomas did say he gave one session of advice to the couple but it was before the murders.

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However, Marilyn Smartt did not recall the meeting and also said the two were not friends to her knowledge. Some also consider Marilyn a conspirator as well.

In 2013, the case was reopened by current Sheriff Greg Hagwood and investigator Mike Gamberg. Both had personal connections to victims of the case.

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Hagwood commented on the theory of it being a cover-up: "It has brought to light some amazing timelines, histories, and what some may call 'coincidence.' Others may look at it more accusingly...I don't put anything outside the realm of possibility."

He found a letter written by Marty Smartt to his wife reportedly written soon after the murders. It said, "I've paid the price for your love and now that I've bought it with four peoples lives, you tell me we are through? Great. What else do you want?"

The second development was something else found in the same boxes of case files: the taped anonymous phone call that tipped off the location of Tina Sharp's remains.

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Even though the tape was never voice-analyzed, the audio of that phone call is now being compared with audio of suspects to find a match.

Apparently Marty had confessed to the murders in a session. The therapist also reportedly told Gamberg that he was surprised the investigators at the time of the murder hadn't used the confession against Marty.

Also, a man recently discovered a steel blue claw-hammer using a metal detector that matched the description of one that Marty had told investigators he lost.

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As of November 2016, it was being tested for DNA or blood residue as a possible additional murder weapon.

Sheila Sharp, the surviving member of the Sharp family had this to say of Hagwood:

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She personally believes that the murders of her family were carried out by Marty Smartt and Bo Boubede.

As of now, nobody has been charged and Hagwood and Gamberg continue to dig deeper into what happened that tragic night. Perhaps one day they will finally confirm those suspicions but for now, the devastating case remains unsolved.