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13 Things That Will Make You Seriously Miss Your First Mobile Phone is on a mission to change the way you buy your mobile, making it quicker, cheaper, and hassle-free. Just like the old days, right?

Sometimes it's hard to believe, but a long, long time ago, smartphones didn't exist.

Those were good times.

1. For a start, the phones were practically indestructible.

2. Sure, you couldn't access the internet...but they had almost unlimited battery life.

3. That meant you didn't have to pester people every single time you left the house.

4. And remember flip phones?

5. There was also a huge sense of pride in knowing all your best friends' phone numbers by heart.

6. And you didn't have to worry about endless notifications bugging you all the time.

7. Instead you would spend ages creating your very own ringtone.

8. People would even visit restaurants to eat the food and not photograph it.

9. Owning a clip-on leather case meant you were in the cool club at school.

10. So did customising your phone.

11. And you put a lot of thought into messages because every text would cost you about 20p.

12. You were never tempted to look at work emails.

13. And finally:

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