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    This Mexican Artist Created The Mexican Lotería IRL (!!!)

    Our tías and abuelitas are most likely shook.

    Mexican artist Cueva Andrea, has recreated the lotería characters in flesh and bone.

    Cueva Andrea, Chocky! / Via

    Yes, you heard right. If you are of mexican descendance, you have probably seen the lotería cards in 2D, and while there has been a lot of recreations of this game, never one that was with 3D objects. Inspired by her home country and the frustration about the inaccurate representation of the mexican culture, @cuevawolf started the project Viva La Lotería MX.

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    Cueva Andrea, Chocky! / Via

    La lotería is a traditional mexican board game.

    Cueva Andrea, Chocky! / Via

    It's similar to bingo, just a lot cooler because there are pictures on the board. What's even better is that the drawings on each card (there's 54 of them), are representative of the mexican culture in some kind of way

    Viva La Lotería MX is a collection of 54 high-end pictures.

    Cueva Andrea, Chocky! / Via

    Based on the traditional objects and characters from mexican culture that are related to the game. Cueva literally brings the characters to life with high-end photography, using objects that were mostly brought from Mexico and an all mexican cast.

    Move aside, Bingo. There's a new board game in town.

    Cueva Andrea, Chocky! / Via

    The card reveal has been exceptionally planned by Cueva. So much that she started unveiling the images on the celebration of the Mexican Independence Day on September 15th, which also matches the start of the National Hispanic Heritage Month in the US. Cueva Andrea is planning on using every single portrait of the project to educate about culture and discuss the importance of global related subjects.

    Viva La Lotería MX will be publishing the rest of the collection throughout the next 10 months exclusively on their instagram account (@vivalaloteriamx).