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13 Crazy Songs Popular With Students Only During Exams

Oh! The exams are here. The dreaded time of the year is back and you need to do some hunting into your bookshelf to find books long forgotten. For the next few days, the library will become your hangout spot. Okay wait let me guess, you for one is someone who doesn’t like to stare into books all the time. Yes yes, study I meant. So while you go about your study seshs, with your bouts of panic attack back to terrorise you, how about adding a musical touch to it? According to research done at the Stanford University School of Medicine, music keeps the brain occupied with paying attention, making calculations and revising proceedings in memory. Just in case you are wondering that you would now have to look into various YouTube playlists to find an ideal song, do not worry. Here is an integrated playlist that caters to every situation you would come across while you are studying.

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13. That’s the way it is by Celine Dion / Via

“That’s the Way It Is” gives you that push you need, to not admit defeat and to keep the faith in yourself. What can be better than a song about being optimistic than this? Overall it’s a warm, feel good song.

12. Piano Concerto No. 23 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Via

Piano Concerto No. 23 remains to be one of the best compositions of Mozart. It's slow paced nature is ideal in helping you concentrate on the subject matter in your slides and book and not having to worry if you missed important lyrics. It was the top music composition to play when I and my friends had to memorize a lot of tutorials for the exam preparation. Am sure, many of you would have played it as well, countless times.

11. Mirrors by Justin Timberlake / Via

“Mirrors” is a perfect mid-tempo song to include in your study music playlist. With lyrics that mention how somebody can turn out to be an extension of yourself or your other half, this sweet study song is guaranteed to set you in an enhanced state of mind so you can control through the subsequent round of information to focus upon.

10. Another Brick In The Wall by Pink Floyd / Via

“Another Brick In The Wall” is that one Pink Floyd song with satirical lyrics that needs to be in your playlist. For all those situations when you don’t feel like solving those same old math problems but are mandated to do it for scores, sing along this definitive rebel lines of ‘we don’t need no education’. It was my anthem when I had a lot of homework to do.

9. Land by Patty Smith / Via

“Land from the album Horses” keeps getting changing pace from louder and softer but it doesn’t break the concentration. In fact, it is the nonstop lyrics that really help in staying focused. It is a reasonably long song which produces an extended period of attentiveness. Many students play this song in an unending loop because it definitely works!!!

8. Lose Yourself by Eminem / Via

This is for all those RAP fans - “Lose Yourself”, one of the finest compositions by Eminem. The way it talks about Eminem’s troubled childhood and how he broke free from all the shackles that held him down in life, deeply resonates with the struggling student within. Take a break for the loo and its time to RAP!!!

7. Power by Kanye West / Via

“Power” is one of those few songs that makes you feel a hurricane of emotions but keeps the subtle message of how everything will fall into place eventually. A definite have in a list when breaks are called for. Breaks are not to relax, but to recharge for the next bout of preparation.

6. "You Wish" by Nightmares on Wax / Via

“You wish” is a correct blend of crafts chill soul and R & B-influenced electronica. It's powerful music pairs flawlessly with your realization that it's past midnight and you by some means haven't even gone ahead to study yet. This is best played when a student feels dreamy and nightmarish at the same time.

5. 45:33 by LCD Soundsystem / Via

“45:33” can be your wake-up song on the day of the exam when you chilled out too hard and inadvertently dozed off on your keyboard. Pump yourself up to make it through the final few hours before you’re done with another subject with this dominant single-song album.

4. If I Ain't Got You by James Bay

“If I Ain’t Got You” is such a song that could give you some time to reflect on other aspects of your life while you copy notes from friends who are ever ready to help you with your assignments. This not only serves as a break, but also is a great escape from the monotonous book life.

3. "Blank Space" by Rhodes / Via

“Blank Space” is the final song I’d add to this list. This soothing lyrical cover is a wonderful way to distress yourself from hours of studying and just working on writing some notes. It definitely keeps you away from chatting with your friends or from getting disturbed for minor chores at home.

2. I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly / Via

“I Believe I Can Fly” is a song to listen to when you feel like giving up and need the motivation to carry on with your preparation. The lyrics are written such that they convince you to believe in yourself. Before an exam, you often feel you will not make it to the end. When you need to believe in your own capabilities, then this is certainly the go-to song.

1. Zzzz... / Via

The last lovely music is created naturally, when a hard-fought student gets some sleep after a long night of studies. There are tons of all time favorite songs which I could not enlist in this short list, so if you think there are any which you loved most during exams, do let us know. We will be glad to enlist it. Ciao!

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