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How CHAT Trash Are You?

We're all just rich Jewish kids trying to copy each other.

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  1. Check off all that apply to you.

    You have an iPhone.
    You have an iPhone 6 or newer.
    You live along Bathurst, or within a walking vicinity to Bathurst.
    You straighten your hair at least once a week.
    You own leggings that cost forty dollars or more.
    You own white Adidas shoes.
    You own Nike shoes.
    You have an article of clothing from Brandy Melville.
    You have worn leggings from either Aritzia or Lulu Lemon, Nike or Adidas shoes and a Brandy Melville shirt as an outfit.
    You take notes on stuff in class even if the teacher says you don't need to know it.
    You have cried over a mark in the 80s.
    You have obnoxious slang for your classes, like "J-Hist" or "Rab"
    You wear a bracelet from Tiffany's or Pandora every day (you never take it off).
    You have *those* grey leggings.
    You wear khakis on an almost daily basis.
    You wear a baseball hat instead of a kippah because you're really cool.
    You wear Sperrys or those flip flop sandally things with socks regularly.
    You care a lot about some sort of fantasy sport.
    "Hu" doesn't mean hoooo to you, it means make out (or more...).
    You go to summer camp during the summer with people that are Jewish.
    That summer camp is fairly expensive.
    You have gotten your parents to send passive aggressive emails to guidance about your schedule.
    You have leggings with mesh cut outs.
    You have a VPN on at least one of your devices.
    You have names for every clique in your grade.
    If you get less than 90 on a test, you assume you are going to George Brown College (which you think is a bad thing).
    If you're not in sciences, you're in business - there's no in between.
    You have a Herschel backpack or a black Swiss backpack.
    When you get a bad grade on a test or assignment, you assume it's the teacher's fault and not yours.
    If it's a theme day at school, you only dress up if you know your friends are dressing up too.
    You have never had a paying job.
    You've left school early because you "just can't".
    You complain at least once a day about how tired and stressed you are.
    You have a group Google Doc for at least one of your classes.
    You have gotten Starbucks at project support.
    You've been really unproductive during project support and afterwards complained about how much work you have.
    You complain about your workload. A LOT.
    But you spend 80% of your classes on Buzzfeed.
    You have an elective course that you take even though it makes you really stressed an unhappy.
    You have bought"arsty" stickers online to cover your computer with.
    You have a vsco.
    You complain about how annoying SnapChat is, but you don't delete SnapChat.
    You pretend you don't give a fuck, but you give a lot of fucks.

How CHAT Trash Are You?

You haven't sold your soul to the devil and purchased adidas superstars! Congrats! Everyone is in awe of your uniqueness and wishes they were as bold as you. Try not to be too pretentious though.

Low-key trash
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You give in sometimes and buy that sweater everyone'e wearing from Brandy. It's ok though, you work hard for your marks and don't whine when you get an 89.

Kinda Trashy
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You are actual trash. You wear a similar outfit to someone else in school almost everyday, you have cried over a mark in the 90s and you're always so "nim" for school. Your parents bought you a car for Chanukah, you hate reading and you have the newest iPhone. I don't even know why you took this quiz. You know you're trash.

Total CHAT-Trash
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