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Which Powerful Woman Are You?

March is Women's History Month, find out which powerful woman you are! Watch "On the Basis of Sex" at Grafton on 3/27-3/30.

UniversityProgramBoard • 6 months ago

Choose Your Breakfast Preferences And We'll Tell You When You'll Meet The Love Of Your Life

Pancakes or Waffles? Coffee or Tea? Come to Late Night Breakfast from 10pm-12am on 2/14 with me!!

UniversityProgramBoard • 6 months ago

Which Queen Member Are You

Come see Bohemian Rhapsody at Grafton Stovall Theaters from 1/30 to 2/2. Showings are at 7 and 9:30.

UniversityProgramBoard • 7 months ago

Which Comedian Are You?

We all need somebody in our life who can make us laugh

UniversityProgramBoard • 10 months ago

Which Incredibles 2 Character Are You?

Curious as to which Incredibles 2 character you are? Well take this quiz to find out! Also, come see Incredibles 2 playing at Grafton 9/26-9/29 @ 7p & 9:30p!

UniversityProgramBoard • 11 months ago

Your Ideal Date Based On Your Food Consumption

Want to impress your date? Take this quiz created by top scientist and sociologist of the literal perfect place to go on a date for you.

UniversityProgramBoard • 11 months ago

Which Ty Dolla $ign Tattoo Are You?

Ty Dolla $ign is hittin' up JMU's Convocation Center on April 18th! The pen is mightier than the sword, and in Ty Dolla $ign's case, that relates to both his music and his tattoos! Find out what statement you would make if you were one of Ty's tats!

UniversityProgramBoard • One year ago


We DARE you to take this short quiz to see how much we TRUTHfully think you should come see a FREE Advanced Screening of Truth or Dare in Grafton on April 10th at 7p

UniversityProgramBoard • One year ago

Pitch, Please! Which Pitch Perfect 3 Character Are You?

Listen up pitches! Take this fun and short quiz to see which Pitch Perfect 3 character you are! And then come see Pitch Perfect 3 in Grafton on 3/28-3/31 at 7 and 9:30p!

UniversityProgramBoard • One year ago

Dancing Through The Decades

So you really think you're a great dancer? Can you name these dances dating back to the 1950's?

UniversityProgramBoard • One year ago

Where In The World Should You Go?

For the Travel Gurus!!!!!

UniversityProgramBoard • One year ago

What Board Game Are You?

Take this short quiz to find out what board game you are! And then come down to Grafton on February 20th at 7:00p to see a FREE ADVANCED SCREENING of Game Night for free!

UniversityProgramBoard • One year ago

What Rock Instrument Are You?

Would you consider yourself a powerful drummer, a soulful singer, a sick bass player, or a jammin' guitarist? Take this quiz to find out!

UniversityProgramBoard • One year ago

Which Thor: Ragnarok Character Are You?

Take this cool quiz to find out what Thor: Ragnarok character you are! Come watch Thor at Grafton 2/7-2/10 at 7p and 9:30p!!

UniversityProgramBoard • One year ago

Pick Your Favorite Childhood TV Shows To Find Your New Music Match

Relive your childhood memories by choosing your favorite Nickelodeon and Disney shows and we will find your music match!

UniversityProgramBoard • One year ago

Don't Wanna Go Broke?

Take this quiz and find out if you're bound for greatness or brokeness.

UniversityProgramBoard • One year ago

Where Should You Fill Your Water Bottle Up On Campus?

Pick Your Favorite JMU Water Fountain And We Will Find Your Music Match!

UniversityProgramBoard • One year ago

How Well Do You Know These Throwback Songs?

Come out to Lip Sync Battle: Throwback Edition on 11/29 from 7-9p in TDU to test your skills. Free giveaways and food and a special prize for the winner!!

UniversityProgramBoard • One year ago

Create Your Ideal Thanksgiving Plate And We'll Tell You Which Artist On Our Survey You Are!

Time for some good eats! Take the survey and we'll tell you which artist you are most like from UPB's survey of artists for this year's spring concert!

UniversityProgramBoard • One year ago

What Monsters, Inc. Character Are You?

Come see Monsters, Inc. at Grafton on 11/15-11/16 @ 7 and 9:30p!

UniversityProgramBoard • One year ago