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Ten Tips To Value Vulnerability

We've all been there. We try our best, but it doesn't seem to be enough. It might be in school, in a relationship, or a career goal. But carrying around feelings of guilt, shame, and failure can keep you from moving forward. On Tuesday, November 1 at 7 p.m. in Illini Union Room 406, Counseling Center Paraprofessionals will host “I Am Enough: The Value of Vulnerability” workshop. We'll provide an open space for participants to learn about topics such as acceptance, shame, and self-compassion. Below are a few tips for increasing your vulnerability to build stronger connections.

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1. Find your confidence.

Being your true self is better than any alternative. Imperfections make you who you are, so embrace them!

2. Engage with those around you.

Don’t be absorbed in distractions 24/7. It’s okay to make conversation, you never know where it might go.

3. Get enthusiastic.

Follow your passions and get excited about them. Hobbies are rewarding, and so is meeting others who share your interests. It's easier to bond with someone when you already know you have things in common.

4. Give someone a chance.

Fear rejection? You’d be surprised how open and supportive people are when you’re open and supportive first.

5. Think about when you’re already vulnerable.

How do you act around your best friend? Imagine how you could incorporate the authenticity in that relationship in other everyday situations.

6. Make an effort.

People want to get to know you more than you might think. Be the one to reach out first.

7. Give others the space to be vulnerable.

Welcome moments where someone else is vulnerable. Allowing others to open up gives you the chance to do the same. This is how people connect!

8. Reflect on your obstacles.

What prevents you from being vulnerable? Examining your challenges will help you overcome them.

9. Don’t rush it.

Meaningful friendships take time to form, and when they do they need to be maintained. Don’t expect results right away.

10. Be yourself!

No one can connect with you genuinely if you’re not the most honest version of yourself. The key to vulnerability is self-acceptance.

Liked these tips and want more? Come to the I Am Enough: The Value of Vulnerability workshop on Tuesday, November 1 at 7 p.m. in Illini Union room 406! Hope to see you there!

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