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Stay Well: Self-Care, Wellness, & Coping with Stress

Do you feel stressed out? Practicing healthy habits on all seven dimensions of wellness will increase your overall wellbeing and may help with the stress of midterms and papers. Come to the ARC (Activities and Recreation Center) room MP7 on Tuesday, November 7th at 7 pm for an interactive workshop presented by the Counseling Center Paraprofessionals that will examine the seven dimensions of wellness and facilitate conversations regarding coping strategies for common stressors among college students.

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Take care of yourself in all 7 dimensions of wellness

* The seven dimensions of wellness include: Emotional, Intellectual, Social, Physical, Environmental, Financial/Occupational, and Spiritual.

* Learn what they all are and how you can improve each dimension in your life to achieve overall wellness!

Think of your stress as motivation to get everything done

* When you’re stressing over an upcoming test, come up with a study plan and follow it.

* Remind yourself that stress is inevitable, but the way you handle it is something you can control.

Talk it out with your friends

* Most likely your roommates and classmates are going through similar stressors as you.

* Don’t be afraid to vent! (You’ll probably feel a lot better after getting it all out -- also this can be a starting point for creating a plan to get everything done.)

Utilize your campus resources

* The Counseling Center, McKinley Health Center, and Campus Recreation are all great places to go to learn more about improving your wellness.

* Check out the stress management educators at McKinley to receive individual advice on improving your stress!

Practice self-care

* Some common self care methods are going to the gym, meditating, spending time with loved ones, reading, and watching television.

* Do something fun with friends: hot yoga, a mindful walk around the quad, or a fitness or cooking class at the ARC!

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