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Home Away From Home: Building A Community At College

Still getting used to living away from home? Whether you’re a freshman still getting used to campus, a transfer student who is looking to get more involved, or someone who would like tips on how to feel more at home at this big university, we want to invite you to our Tuesday@ 7 workshop, "Home Away from Home: Building a Community at College." We’ve gathered some strategies and resources to help you deal with homesickness, meeting new people, and working on self-care. It will be held on September 19th from 7-8 PM in SDRP ROOM 2025 C. We hope to see you there! Want a sneak peek? Check out the tips below!

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1. Choose living in a place that may help make the transition easier.

If living in the dorms, consider joining a Living Learning Community (LLC). LLCs typically have scheduled programming and opportunities to get involved in your dorm (all of Allen Hall is an LLC). Additionally, if you’re a transfer student, rooming in Scott Hall where there is a special option of living in the Transfer Community (floors 3 and 4) can be a wonderful experience where you can meet people in the exact same position as you. If you opt for apartment living, consider living near campus to meet more students.

2. Visit Quad Day in the Fall/Activity Day in the Spring

There are many different RSOs (Registered Student Organizations) to discover depending on your interests: social, professional, and major-specific, justice-oriented, athletics - the possibilities are (nearly) endless! In particular, there is a Transfer Advisory Group specifically for transfer students. Just don’t stretch yourself out too thin!

3. Find people in your major who can be part of your support system

You can join RSOs, Facebook Groups, Reddit subthreads, and talk to people around your hall to find others in your major. It can be useful to get advice on which professors to take, work on homework together, and be introduced to even more people to connect within your major.

4. Bring a piece of home with you

Pack something that reminds you of home - a teddy bear, a lucky rock, your dog (just kidding). You can use it as a conversation starter when you share why that item reminds you of home and why you miss it.

5. You’re here!! We’re so proud of you! Now go kick some booty!

Congratulations on taking the leap to the next step in your education- college can be a great opportunity for personal growth! It’s not easy to suddenly be far away from family and friends you’ve grown up with. These next steps can seem daunting, but you will do great! A positive attitude can’t fix everything, but when you recognize that nothing is predictable, it certainly helps!

Join us on September 19th from 7-8 PM in SDRP ROOM 2025 C for more tips!

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