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Choosing The Right Filter: Social Media In A Positive Light

Do you have a Facebook? Instagram? Snapchat? Did you know if everyone on Facebook was part of one country, it would be the 3rd largest country in the world? With social media becoming a huge part of people’s lives, it is more important than ever to be able to use it for self-care. Come join us in our workshop “Choosing the Right Filter: Social Media in a Positive Light” on April 11 at 7 PM in Illini Union Room 406 to discuss about the topic and engage in fun activities we have planned!

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1. Don't be afraid to take breaks/deactivate social media accounts

It’s okay to take a step back and take a break from the digital world. Most social media accounts like Facebook have a ‘deactivate’ option that allow you to temporarily close your account and reactivate it at a later time. Try it for a weekend and see how much it might clear your mind from any unnecessary thoughts or drama. It also might be beneficial to have a close friend or someone you trust change your password so you don’t cave in sooner than expected!

2. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) may be real, but it's really not a big deal

In the moment it might seem like attending the concert with all your friends or going to the party on Friday is the most CRUCIAL thing in your life. However, keep in mind that it’s one event! There will be plenty of chances in the future to see that band play again, and there’s always next weekend to get together with your friends. Just get the details from everyone the next day and focus on the here-and-now.

3. Try to consciously limit social media use

Be mindful of how much you’re checking your phone, or browsing Facebook in class. If you find that you’re losing a lot of time in the digital world, try to set limits on how much you can use your electronic devices. Try setting goals of how much studying or work you need to get done, then reward yourself with five minutes on your favorite social media platform!

4. Unfollow accounts that aren't realistic or put you in a negative mindset

It’s easy to get caught up in the unrealistic expectations floating around the internet. We often follow accounts to help ‘motivate’ us or create a false sense of #goals. However, it’s easy to get bogged down by these accounts as well because most likely, a lot of editing and planning go into these pictures and posts! Objectively look at the accounts you follow and determine if they’re posting things that are actually motivating you, or making you feel worse about yourself. If it’s the latter, UNFOLLOW THEM. You don’t need that negativity in your life.

5. Be conscious of what you're posting

Keep in mind that whatever you post on any social media platform, people can see it, they can screenshot it, and they can share it with others. If you’re afraid of being seen in the wrong light, don’t post it. Try to maintain a professional appearance on all social media platforms, or at the very least, post things your mom would be okay with seeing. Additionally, don’t forget to check your privacy settings so you can control who sees what!

Want even more of these great tips? Join us on April 11 at 7 PM in Illini Union Room 406 to learn more! See you there!

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