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12 Gifts That Will Always Put Your Poker Face To The Test

Can you keep a straight face? You may have to while opening gifts this year. Let the U.S. Postal Service handle your returns so you can finally relax into a genuine smile.

1. Something sexy from someone who should NOT be giving you something sexy.

2. Too many scented candles.

3. A book that's technically the same genre you asked for, but is actually a totally different book.

4. Something totally age-inappropriate.

5. A "Gratitude" Journal because because you're looking "very stressed lately."

6. A food scale that comes with some serious implications.

7. Clothes.

8. A stack of brand-new, shiny DVDs.

9. Something you know the gift giver wants way more than you want it.

10. A handmade gift that was clearly made in a hurry.

11. Something you mentioned being interested in once many years ago, and have been receiving from everyone you know every year since.

12. And a cookbook that you certainly didn't request.

Have gifts to return this holiday season? The U.S. Postal Service already delivers to every address in America.