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10 Ways You Could Save Some Serious Dough Without Really Trying

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1. Freeze things you NEVER thought about freezing before!


Sure, fruit and veggies can be frozen, but pasta? Cheese? Seriously, there are WAY more foods that can be frozen than you think, resulting in less waste and more saving. Find a full list with tips here.

2. Set up automatic transfers to always happen the day after payday.


Most banks allow you to set up automatic transfers from your checking to savings. Set it up for the day after payday so you don't even THINK about spending it.

5. Block cold air coming in your house from places you never even thought of!

Time to prep for winter! Cool air can come in from many different places that you never thought of, which can spike up your heating bill. Outlet insulators or DIY draft stoppers take no time at all to do and have major saving benefits!

6. When in doubt, cut it in half!


You don't really need the WHOLE sponge, do you? Or that dryer sheet? There are plenty of products out there that can be sized down to double the length of use. Find a great list of these products here.

7. Try the 52-week challenge to save and ease into your saving habits!

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Super simple, but very worthwhile. On week one, put $1 into your savings, then add one more dollar each consecutive week ($2 on week two, $3 on week three, and so on for 52 weeks). At the end of the year, you'll have saved $1,378!

8. Libraries have ebooks now... so there's no excuse!


Remember libraries? Those beautiful places where you would get books without paying a cent? Well, they definitely have been keeping up with the times, and most now allow their members to check out ebooks for their reading device for FREE.

9. You have the power to outsmart the gas station.


True, we have no control over the always-rising prices, but there are some amazing tips that'll help you save at the pump. Getting gas on weekdays, apps that check prices around you... Get all the gas saving tips here!

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