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12 Normal Activities That Terrify Anyone Without Health Insurance

The world is a scary place. Make it less scary with insurance from UnitedHealthcare.

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1. Texting while walking. / Via

Because anything could be in front of you. ANYTHING.

2. Sports. Any sport. All sports.

Sports are a grand conspiracy designed to weed out the weak-boned and inflexible. And you, friend, are very likely both.

3. Driving.

Especially with INSANE moose on the road.

4. Swimming.

The community pool = the community cesspool.

5. Driving AND swimming.

Two wrongs make a double wrong.

6. Stairs.

Death contraptions.

7. Escalators.

Moving death contraptions.

8. Shopping.


"Cleanup in aisle NOPE NOPE NOPE."

9. Gym equipment.


That New Year's resolution can be put on pause... indefinitely.

10. Dancing.


"One!... chance of falling, every little step she takes."

11. Weddings.


RICE! BOUQUETS! GARTERS! Way too many flying objects.

12. High heels.


One minute, you're strutting your stuff, and the next... well... no.