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Why Should You Vote In Spring Elections?

This week is voting week for the spring elections, choosing your officers for the next academic year. We've put together the top reasons you should vote, and a handy guide on how to do so!

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To make sure you're represented. / Via

Not everyone running will necessarily share your views and opinions, or represent the diversity of our membership. If you want to make sure there's fair and equal representation, voting for candidates who you feel represent you is so important.

Give yourself the power to influence change / Via

When you vote, you are influencing the outcome of the election. This could lead to new policies coming into effect, campaigns starting, or other changes around campus. You are the only one who can give yourself that power by voting!

Because it's important / Via

OK, it's probably not *quite* as important as the recent US Presidential election, but it will help decide who sits on the cabinet of the Union for the next year. This can and will impact your experience at Brunel. Current officers have run campaigns from wellbeing to tackling Islamophobia, and have secured funding for lots of different projects like free sports club membership.

Have we convinced you? / Via


First things first check out what each candidate stands for here.

Then to vote, you just need to go to the polling station, or log into the Student's Union website.

Voting opens: 0:00am Wednesday 22nd March
Voting closes: 4pm Thursday 23rd March

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