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Girl Boss: Ceri's 5 Things She Loves About Leading

Our Vice President of Postgraduate students Ceri shares the things she loves about her job for International Women's Day, and urges you to #BeBoldForChange

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1. Getting to interact with students


As well as supporting students with issues and problems, I get to share in their successes too. From helping a student win an appeal to seeing someone who was struggling graduate with a good degree, it's really rewarding.

2. Being an ambassador for the membership

Feminist Fight Club / Via

I get to represent students and stand up for their rights and issues, which is a real honour and privilege.

3. Having a voice at a University-wide level / Via

From senate to the university council, having that level of influence and responsibility is pretty great.

4. Creative freedom / Via

I get the chance to come up with ideas, campaigns and events and see them realised. For example I planned the film club nights that we put on regularly for students to come together in a fun and relaxed environment.

5. Feeling like I've made a difference

Every day I can see and feel the impact that I've made. From explaining a form to a student, through to working on the big campaigns on campus. I do this for the students and that gives me motivation and pride.

6. So go out and be bold! / Via

Yes it's tough for women in politics, but don't let that put you off.

You CAN make change, you CAN be a leader, and the time is now! Why not stand in the elections and see how far you can go?

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