11 Totally Unexpected Musical Genre Mash Ups

It’s fun being proven wrong when it comes to music. The sweet sonic sounds of a new, mashed-up musical genre that you never saw coming is like a surprise party for your ears! For a combination your tastebuds won’t expect, try Fruttare® fruit & milk bars!

1. Polka + Pop = Polka-Pop

Based on its punny name alone, this mashup deserves to be on the list. “Polka Face” is the Central European side of Lady Gaga we never knew we were missing.

2. Children’s + Hip Hop = Chip-Hop

Who would have thought that Bubba Sparxxx and The Ying Yang Twins could ever sound so family friendly?

3. Country + Dubstep = Countstep

Big Machine / Via youtube.com

Ok, so Taylor Swift is a country/pop crossover. And nowadays you can’t really hear the country influence in her music. But… Taylor Swift? Plus a bit of baby dubstep? It’s actually pretty great.

4. Classical + Rap = Clap

Yo Kanye, I’m really happy for you, I’mma let you finish, but Beethoven had one of the best melodies of all time. One of the best songs of all time!”

5. Opera + Russian = Oprussion

Not to be confused with oppression, this eclectic style might belong solely to Vitas, a Russian signer famous for his high falsetto voice and 5 octave range. In China, he’s been given the nickname “Prince of the Dolphin Voice.”

6. Rap + Electronic = Raptronic

The Canadian electronic duo that is Purity Ring took it upon themselves to cover a Soulja Boy song, and we’re happier for it.

7. Rock + R&B = Rock&B

Hats off to Mash2mix for taking one of the best rock songs from the early ’90s and one of the best R&B songs of the late-90s and combining them to make one of the best mashups of all time.

8. Indie Rock + Hip Hop = Indie-Hop

An unlikely pair - Neutral Milk Hotel and hip hop. We’re curious to know if Jeff Mangum signed off on this one.

9. Children’s + Club = Chub

Let’s not kid ourselves, the Dora the Explorer theme song was already pretty catchy. But the addition of some necessary club beats makes it just as good as any J-Lo/Pitbull collaboration currently on the radio.

10. Bollywood + Pop = Bollypop

Interscope / Via youtube.com

When A.R. Rahman teamed up with The Pussycat Dolls (of all pop acts) for the theme song to the Oscar winning flick, Slumdog Millionaire, no one expected for the end product to be this darn good.

11. Yodel + Country = Yo-Count

The combination makes so little sense that it actually makes so much sense.

Inspired by Fruttare® fruit & milk bars and their summer anthem, It’s All Good!

Check out the unexpected collaboration between British Pop Princess Cher Lloyd and R&B Hit Maker Ne-Yo!

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