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The Uniform Display Case

Our motto is "You earned it, you display it" - The Uniform Display Case was designed to provide a unique new platform for displaying uniform awards and decorations, similar to how they would be worn on an actual uniform, with patches on the sleeves, medals over the pockets, etc. A Uniform Display Case is a simulated uniform, mounted in a special frame using a patent pending process that allows the awards and decorations to be displayed in their relatively proper positions, as they would be worn on an actual uniform! Website:

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Help get the Uniform Display Case produced for our nations Veterans / Via

The Uniform Display Case was invented and patented by U.S. Army veteran Greg Fair.

It was designed in appreciation for our nation’s Military, Police and Firefighters dedication to duty, and to give them a proper platform to display their medals, awards and uniform decorations, so they can display and be proud of what they have accomplished.

A fully decorated Uniform Display Case is a quite a sight to behold and quickly becomes the center of attention in any room where it is displayed.

* Makes a great gift for Active or Ex Service members

* The ULTIMATE Retirement Gift

* Suitable for Memorial Presentations

The product was initially sold online and was very well received by our nation’s military, police and firefighters (Many were produced for N.Y.P.D. 911 victims and their families).

But after a few years of limited production it became clear that some level of mass production would be required to bring down the price and to meet the increasing demand, which is quite costly to implement.

Mr. Fair has refused offers to have the product produced in China in order to reduce production costs as a matter of principal, because this is a product designed for the dedicated service members, (past, present, and future), that have sacrificed in order to provide for and defend our freedom, our lives and our families. Therefore The Uniform Display Case should be made right here in the U.S.A., in a factory that PRIMARILY EMPLOYS VETERANS.

Currently production is on-hold, pending the capital required to implement the mass production of The Uniform Display Case, Mr. Fair would like to get the retail price point down to below $199.00 so that it can be readily afforded by its intended recipients.

Seeking $100k to start a local production facility, medium scale, 2,500 to 5,000 square foot space with 5 to 10 employees then grow as needed:

$30,000 = 6 months lease for small production facility.

$10,000 = Production equipment

$15,000 = Initial stock materials

$35,000 = Initial employee wages (2-3 employees to start)

$10,000 = Initial operating costs (3 months)

Total = $100,000

The Uniform Display Case is a fantastic product that our nation’s Military, Police and Firefighters deserve to have available.

Please help get it back into production, our veteran’s would appreciate it.

Visit the Uniform Display GoFundMe site to donate:

Or spread the word via social media. website:

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