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The Top 10 Things Writers do Time and Time Again!

...and a few moments when being a writer sucks!

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10. You think of incredible things. Have incredible ideas. But are too lazy to write them down. You try to remember it later and it's never the same. The rare moments you do write it down, you never save a draft & it's deleted forever. Lost to the internet.

Thee Ultimate Fail! It's okay to cry.
pedrosimoes7 / Via

Thee Ultimate Fail! It's okay to cry.

9. You procrastinate until the last minute to do anything because you're sure it'll be a masterpiece no matter what. You work well under pressure.

IsisStyles / Via

8. You take electives like Poetry and Creative writing because you know it isn't going to feel like work. It's more like a break from all the harder prerequisites in college.

Judson College Wikipedia / Via

7. Even in an age of technology your best ideas can be found on crumpled papers, gum wrappers, unpaid bills and ripped envelopes.

Turinboy / Via Flickr: turinboy

6. You sleep in weird uncomfortable positions because all the ideas in your head keep you from staying still.

Clare Kendall / Via

5. You say the best original content when speaking to someone candidly or responding to a message on Facebook. Then you copy and paste it for later use.

kropekk_pl / Via

4. You create magic while on the train, riding the bus, and all the other times you have nothing else better to do on public transportation.

twm1340 / Via Flickr: tom-margie

3. You take notes in magazines, scribble on articles you've enjoyed, and authors you love but never use them.

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2. You're writing is thee best. No matter what anyone else says.

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1. Even though you say an honest critique won't offend you, it does. Because you're a writer. Your work is your child and it's hard to take advice from someone less awesome than you.

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