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UNICEF: Education Revitalizes Displaced Communities in Sri Lanka BATTICALOA, Sri Lanka 4 May 2010 In a remote part of eastern Sri Lanka, the rhythmic chant of childrens lessons reverberate through one of the regions newly re-established schools. Students here are learning the basics of reading and writing after having had their education interrupted by armed conflict. Many of the students at this school were displaced by violence during Sri Lankas more than two decade-long civil conflict. In addition, they have had to contend with the devastation wreaked by the Indian Ocean tsunami five years ago. Space and resources are stretched, said Arulayah Thivyathevu, the schools teacher. Students of different grade levels must attend class together and share one curriculum an often difficult task. To support the school and enable classes to continue, UNICEF has provided furniture, teaching materials, plastic sheeting for class partitions and other resources.

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