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    7 New Year's Wishes From Children In Crises

    2014 was a devastating year for children around the world. From Gaza to Liberia, Syria to South Sudan, children share their wishes for the New animated Vines.

    Via Vine

    Ibrahim (13) is from Palestine. He has lived through 3 wars and seen his home destroyed. His wish? For his home to be rebuilt and to live in peace.

    Paul (6) was orphaned by Ebola in Sierra Leone. His wish is to be with his parents.

    Nur (7) lives in a camp for internally displaced people (IDPs) in Iraq. Her dream is to be a designer and to open a clothing store with her sisters.

    Meet Praise (8) from Liberia. She wishes that the devastating Ebola virus would go away because it's killing her friends and family.

    Salam (13) lives in a refugee camp for Syrian IDPs. He shares a tiny container with 5 family members. His wish is to go home.

    Meet Helen (14) from South Sudan. She wishes to be Miss World and wants to influence people to keep the country clean for future generations.

    Grace (8) lives in a displacement camp in Central African Republic. She wants to become a doctor - and she wants her toy unicorn to become an auto mechanic.