10 Outrageous Things You May Have Heard About Vaccines

    There’s lots of hot air circulating about vaccines. We’re here to set the record straight, because vaccines are at the heart of our work – keeping children alive and healthy!

    1. You only need to be vaccinated if you travel to far-off places

    2. It’s a personal decision.

    3. Vaccines are toxic.

    4. Vaccines are unnatural.

    5. I’m the best one to know what my child needs.

    6. Organizations who support vaccines are in the pocket of pharmaceutical companies.

    7. Vaccines cause autism.

    8. Vaccines cause infertility or sterilization

    9. I’m not anti-vaccine. I’m “pro-safe” vaccine.

    10. But vaccinated people still can get infected, so vaccines are pointless.

    11. Thanks for reading! And remember, folks....