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10 Reasons You Should Join Your College Marching Band

College marching band alumni overwhelmingly say joining band was one of the best decisions they made as an undergrad. Not sure if you should make the jump to join your college band? Read on for the top ten reasons you SHOULD join your college marching band!

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1. Move in Early

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Most college bands start things off with a pre-season band camp before classes start. In most cases, you get to move in early--often to your regular dorm room--several days before freshman move-in day. That means you’ll be settled in your room, know your way around campus, and have lots of friends before the rest of your class has even arrived!

2. Make Friends

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Joining your college marching band is one of the best ways to meet people and make friends on campus. Many bands also have programs that pair up new members with returning members to help aid the transition and most pre-season camps have a lot of fun traditions to help everyone get more comfortable with each other.

3. Get Involved!

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You've heard this before. Make the most of your college experience by getting involved! Collegiate music ensembles are great creative outlets for their members. Employers appreciate the non-musical skills developed in college marching band and some even seek out candidates who participated in marching band.

4. Make Music

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As a member of your college band, you'll have the opportunity to play a variety of music genres and styles both on the field and in the stands. Colorguard, dance team, and other auxiliary members usually have a chance to perform a variety of styles as well and learn new techniques. Most groups spend a good amount of time working on technique in addition to just learning the show, so members get a quality musical experience in addition to the social benefits.

5. Perform

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No matter the size of your school, as a member of the marching band, you will perform for tens of thousands if not millions of people every year. Many bands make it on TV whether it's on a regional network or national prime-time television, depending on the level and conference. As a college band member, you get to be a rock star when performing at a local band show when all the high schools make sure they're there to see your school perform. Embrace the exhilaration of performing in front of these huge appreciative crowds!

6. Travel


Nearly every college band provides an opportunity to travel. Whether it's to one select away football game or every weekend, you'll be hitting the road to represent your school proudly. Travel expenses are nearly all covered for these trips, so gone are the days of selling candy bars to pay for your trip. Some bands even take big trips overseas or elsewhere on the continent every few years (though these trips may be at your own expense). Even if it's a short trip to perform at a band exhibition, this time traveling with your band-mates will generate some of the best memories of your college time.

7. Earn Credit


At many schools marching band is not only an activity, but it is also a class. While pretty much no one participates just for the credit, it may count as an elective for some majors and should help boost your GPA.

8. Boost Your Resume


Employers know that marching band members tend to be disciplined hard workers, and like to see it on resumes. There are also many leadership opportunities in your college band that can give you valuable experience that employers look for.

9. Show Your School Spirit

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Whether your football team is one of the best or one of the worst, your band will bleed your school colors from the first kickoff to the final countdown. Cheering your team on while playing sick tunes in the stands in sweltering heat, freezing cold, pouring rain, or even just plain comfortable weather will be some of the best times you'll have. The band is usually the largest spirit organization on campus and indispensable at pep rallies, games, parades, and more.


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None of us would do this if it wasn't also FUN! Everyone in your college band wants to be there and make the most of their experience. The thrill of performing and working hard with your peers is fun enough, but there will be social activities both in and out of rehearsal, fun traditions, and plenty of bonding. Many of the people you meet in your college band will be your friends for the rest of your lives. The performances themselves tend to incorporate a lot more fun into them as well for the performers and the audience alike. Joining your college band is one of the best ways to ease the transition to college and to make the most of your time there. Don't miss out!

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