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Are you a frequent flyer? A member of the mile high club? CLICK here to check out these 5 airplane facts you probably never knew! What do airplanes have to do with donkeys? Is Colin part horse? CLICK HERE to find out!

unhingedcomedy 5 years ago

The "Not-So-Mutant" Ninja Turtles

Shredder is at it again in Unhinged Comedy’s latest parody sketch! Will the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles be able to rescue April from Shredder’s evil grasp, or will they be too late? CLICK to find out if Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo can save the day!

unhingedcomedy 5 years ago

5 FUNNIEST Ways To Hack Your Friend's Facebook

Unhinged Comedy is back at it with their latest 5-Fingered Countdown! Do you ever hack your friends' Facebook? Here are Sam & Grace's 5 best Facebook hacks! Make sure to use them next time your friend leaves their Facebook open and let us know how it works out! Make sure to watch Sam & Grace's commentary on all these hacks to hear how they've worked for them.

unhingedcomedy 5 years ago

Catwoman & Batman Hit The Sack!

The Dark Knight retires and finds that domestic life stifles his passion for justice and his lust for leathery cat-women. Little Bruce and the twins can't bring order to the bedroom unless lives are at stake. Can the sultry Selina Kyle vex this vigilante's brooding mojo out of it's clothes washing, dish scrubbing bat cave?!

unhingedcomedy 5 years ago

FIVE FANTASY Celebrity Couples

Unhinged Comedy is back with another 5-Fingered Countdown! Click to watch Sam & Grace name five amazing, fantasy celebrity couples. Who do we pair with Jennifer Lawrence? Miley Cyrus? Watch now to find out!

unhingedcomedy 5 years ago