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The Most Important Question Unanaswered About The New Ghostbusters

I can't believe nothing has been said so far.

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Everyone is pretty excited for the new Ghostbusters reboot

And the fans have a lot of questions

What about the car?


Set photos show that while Ecto-1 is not EXACT, it is very similar to the original.

Will Chris Hemsworth take his shirt off?


Ok maybe I'm just asking that one

Will they still have proton packs?

Will Bill Murray and Dan Ackroyd approve and make cameos?

Will Slimer be in it?

But one question so far has remained unanswered. It is perhaps the most important of all

What is happening with the theme song???

The song is as iconic as the movie

A lady walks into a room designed inspired by Tron

Ray Parker Jnr dances out of a wall like something from West Side Story

Ray Parker Jnr pops out from under a bed

OMG Don't open the window!

There's a weird hallway

Ray Parker chases a girl down the stairs

Chevy Chase is lurking in your house

It''s got great harmonies

Bill Murray Dances!

What do you say Ray?

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