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17 Cats Who Are Getting Real Tired Of Your Sh*t

Seriously, human? SERIOUSLY?

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1. This Trump your cat thing does not amuse me

2. Really, you want to pat me?

3. A shark costume? Really?

4. Ugh, she wants to hold me, again

6. I do NOT want to talk about my day

7. No you cannot share the heater

8. You woke me up, for this?

9. Dude, is that your morning breath?

10. Stop talking, can't you see I'm hungover

11. I'm the baby now, bitch

12. Is this supposed to be of me?

14. No, please, tell me why you think you're still single

15. How is this funny? I have to clean this myself you know

16. Oh, you went shopping, again

17. You told me there was a mouse in here
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