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40 Australian Comedians You Should Be Following On Twitter

Hilarity from Down Under.

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1. Joel Creasey

I get the vibe my sponsor child doesn't even know I'm famous.

If Wil Anderson and Adam Hills are the current Australian Kings of Comedy, then Joel is the Prince looking to usurp the crown with his fierce wit.

2. Justin Hamilton

I feel that anyone who seriously uses the term "jumping the shark" has ironically and unintentionally jumped the shark themselves.

Comedian, writer, lover of the 2 B's (Bowie and Batman) and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

3. Rob Hunter

Peter Pan sure was brave fighting that crippled old man who couldn't fly.

Comedian and writer, with his own youtube channel featuring some of the funniest interviews with comedians you will EVER see

4. Adam Richard

Someone on this train platform is eating a pie with sauce. I'm having a flashback to last night's Reduced For Quick Sale dinner.

There are so many reasons why he is referred to as 'The Fabulous' Adam Richard. Follow and find out

5. Denise Scott

I said: "No presents for my 60th birthday!" But would the Aus govt listen? Thanks for my poo testing kit - love it!!

The Queen of Australian Comedy. Bow Down.

6. Rhys Nicholson

Why can't we take glass bottles onto a beach? Surely it would motivate the sand to strive for better things. Shoot for the stars, sand.

What's not to love about Rhys - He's brilliantly funny, a sharp writer (and dresser), and he makes his own merch!

7. Anne Edmonds

What if you drowned swimming around in the Yarra looking for the key to the padlock of someone who dumped you? Double whammy.

Winner of the Piece of Wood award at this years Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Which is basically the award the comedians give another comedian. So cred.

8. Greg Larsen

I just cut my cargo pants into cutt-off cargo shorts. Sorry society. I am done with you.

I can't describe him as well as his bio from the Sit Down Comedy Club-

"Greg Larsen is a Melbourne-based, slightly balding, overweight man in his early 30s who requires glasses for reading and driving. He has a modest TV career, being featured as the resident celebrity expert on ABC2's Dirty Laundry Live, as well as the Fancy Boy Fresh Blood sketches on ABC iView."

9. Josh Earl

I'm in a meeting full of arts practitioners. There has to be a correlation between love of arts and love of glasses with red frames

Musician, Comedian, Former host of Spicks and Specks and even more former Liberarian. Cannot 100% guarantee Dewey Decimal System jokes, but you better follow him so you don't miss out.

10. Sam Simmons

A "Pedicure" sounds like rehabilitation for a sex offender

Sam is my Comedy Spirit Animal so anything I say is extremely biased.

11. Gen Fricker

Every man with a beanie and a beard is Chet Faker and don't let them tell you otherwise.

If Tina Fey and Amy Schumer had a lovechild, it would be Gen.

12. Nick Cody

Soon it will just be Australia and ISIS that don't support same sex marriage.

Nick has gone from Marvellous to Meteoric over the past year or so. Catch him on various podcasts and live shows around the country

13. Karl Chandler

Dogs are literally the worst things you can have around you when you're trying to get rid of a stick you don't want anymore.

Half of the Little Dum Dum Club. At least 50% of his feed will result in a snort or cackle

14. Dave Callan

Hey Elvis what do you want to do for your live show. Uh Gospel choir and uh me doing karate moves dressed as a motorcycle daredevil. Ok cool

A better export from Ireland than Michael Flatley. He dances, comes up with random observations and he does it with an accent.

15. Geraldine Hickey

Because facial hair is only acceptable on a female when it's pink.

100% pure Hickey

16. Ronny Chieng

Your new travel blog? More like your new bragging blog. *hi-fives everyone in proximity*

We are running out of comedy awards to give this man. We will have to start inventing some new ones. The winner of the Reeses Peanut Butter Holepunch Penguin award will be Ronnie Chieng.

17. Tommy Dassalo

"I really like the Minions" is more of a deal-breaker for me than "I trained with the Taliban."

The other half of The Little Dum Dum Club. Unlike Karl Chandler, his website doesn't offer cut price Air Jordans. Like Karl Chandler, his tweets are wickedly funny

18. Susie Youssef

Just the one tear escaped in #InsideOut. Fingers crossed my heart shuts down completely by the sequel.

19. Adam Rozenbachs

Tony Abbott looks to hire Dawn Fraser as Immigration Minister. #auspol

Adam is one of the finest Renaissance men of Australian comedy. Writer, actor, comedian, there is nothing Rozie can't do.

20. Doug Anthony Allstars

Tim finds the Standing Ovations annoying. @RealTimFerguson

Yes, THOSE Doug Anthony Allstars. The Men, the Myth, The Legends (The Smell has improved)

Tim Ferguson, Paul McDermott, Paul Livingstone (Flacco) and very rarely Richard Fidler. Mainly tour dates and clips of their live shows. But it is run by them so when they are touring, you get a lot of gold.

21. Luke McGregor

I like to whisper dramatic movie phrases to people browsing in shops: 'Don't be a hero, you'll get us all killed'

The awkward actor/comedian has been popping up everywhere lately, It's a Date, Utopia.

22. Felicity Ward

In shallow water on a Dolphin Tours, they are allowed to touch you but you're not allowed to touch them. Dolphins: the strippers of the sea.

23. Tom Gleeson

Just checked the budget. I'm still a high income earning white man, so I'm fine.

Can currently be seen on Charlie Pickering's 'The Weekly' on ABC. You may know him from his various appearances on Good News Week/World, Skithouse and Rove.

24. Simon Taylor

Simon is an undiscovered gem for me. So start digging and discover him. He's worth his comedy weight in gold

25. Meshel Laurie

Radio Host, author, interviewer, comedian and all round awesome chick. You may have seen her on The Project or back when she hosted the sadly short-lived Stand Up on ABC

26. Hannah Gadsby

I just can't believe I've never been asked to even audition to be in a prison drama. Who do I have to stab?

Hannah is all of us in some way

27. Greg Fleet

I think Lions should be called 'Murder Cats'. News headlines "Three wild Murder Cats today escaped from the Melbourne zoo.Do not approach".

Australian comedy legend. Comedian, writer, actor. Acting credits include killing Daphne in an early episode of Neighbours and he was shunned by the awards trail for his portrayal of 'Delivery Man #2' in Prisoner.

He is also the inventor of Jumperpants. He has a book coming out, a tv show soon to be on DVD (Die on your Feet) and he owes me $20.

28. Lawrence Mooney

Hats off to Lord Sewell - ripped on Coke, enjoying a lovely sex worker & toking on a smoke whilst wearing a sweet orange bra. That's a Lord

Host of Dirty Laundry Live, loyal follower of Russell Crowe

29. Tony Martin

50% of former comedy duo Martin Molloy, 33.4% of the cult hit radio show Get This, 100% comedy hero.

Yes, technically a kiwi, but he's been here long enough

30. Tom Ballard

We won't ever really appreciate the threat of climate change until we understand that it will prevent us from rebooting Spider-Man.

31. Jennifer Wong

How to make your own colouring book for adults: staple together some newspaper Bunnings ads. #DIY #mindfulness

Sydney comedian. Goddess for the next generation

32. Bev Killick

Might I suggest a unicycle as a mode of transport for Bronwyn Bishop. Back-pedalling is a whole lot easier. #BronwynBishop #AbbottGovt

33. Peter Berner

'Can't get out of Indonesia to Australia? I feel for you' says asylum seeker.

Former host of Backberner, cartoonist, stand-up, radio announcer, brilliant

34. Tripod

"Anyone geeking out about something is good." Tripod on This Gaming Life

Our favourite Geeks of Chic, hard to believe that Tripod have been around for nearly 20 years. They haven't gotten older, just nerdier

35. Mikey Robins

You know what cat you want my respect, stop drinking the shower water ok?

If you are young, you may know Mikey from Good News World. If you are older and have taste you would know him from Good News Week and Triple J

36. Cal Wilson

Can't use our BBQ because there's a massive spider on it. Now it's Charlotte's Weber.

37. Tegan Higginbotham

We may think we're adults. But there's no escaping the fact that each morning most of us drink coffee out of what is ostensibly a sippy cup.

38. Dave Bloustien

Really want to make a joke about Nitschke saving someone's life on a plane, but I'm better than that.

39. Celia Pacquola

Apparently u shouldn't look up ur exes on Facebook. But sometimes u do & their profile pic is them fisting a blowup doll & everything is ok

Actress and all round funny gal

40. Lawrence Leung

Ninjas have the best surprise birthday parties.

Ultimate Nerd and Rubik's cube champion.

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