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32 Times Felicia Day Out-Geeked You On Instagram

Geek out -- it's her birthday!

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1. When she lived out the ultimate geek dream of visiting Platform 9 and 3/4.

2. And when she made us all jealous by standing next to a rainbow of light sabers.

3. When she made us question whether or not she actually ate this cookie, because it almost looks too good to eat.

4. When she ~casually~ hung out at ComicCon with her normal, everyday pals.

5. When she showed this proof of how intensely she uses her computer (and it was acceptable, because she can do whatever she wants).

6. When she shared her Magic collection.

9. When she presented her dessert as though she was living in an IRL video game.

"Achievement unlocked."

10. When she so sweetly shared this extra-geeky gift from a fan.

11. When she fangirled over a smaller version of herself.

12. And when she showed off her kicks.

13. When she relived her Buffy days.

14. When she revealed that celebs truly are just like us, and that they play crane games, too.

15. When she was all of us, and freaked out over meeting James Hong.

16. When she posed with the world's first computer.

17. When she was the most creative person, and had a custom Steampunk Peter Pan costume made just for her.

18. When she made us all jealous and hung out with Misha Collins (!!!).

19. And, hell, made us jealous when she hung out with a star from Lord of the Rings.

OK, he's not real, but still.

20. When she made a new friend who loved Dr. Who as much as she does.

21. And when she got a dose of Bacon.

22. When she rode in a Tesla.

23. When she got excited over this cow pen.

24. When she reunited with the cast of Dr. Horrible and made our hearts warm.

25. When she sat on the Iron Throne.

26. When she met her Xbox One for the first time.

27. And when she just casually chilled with an airsoft pellet gun.

28. When she played peek-a-boo on a life-size Super Mario: 3D World set.


30. When she turned her dog into Yoda.

31. When she showed off the shoes she designed, and every color that's ever existed was on our screens.

32. And when she went to DragonCon, and was nerdier than all of us in the absolute best way.

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