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16 Signs You Are April Ludgate At Work

Why say it with a smile, when sarcasm will do.

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1. Why you applied for the job

2. How you act in the interview

3. Making up stuff about yourself to sound cool

4. Convincing the office bimbo those Tim Tams are low calorie


5. When your office nemesis asks for those files

6. Being asked to give a presentation

7. Helping a co-worker give a presentation

8. When the creepy Office Space guy tries to flirt

9. When you overhear your manager saying '___ won't mind the extra workload'

10. Dealing with the passive aggressive notes in the kitchen

11. Flirting with the cute mail boy

12. When they ask for volunteers for a project

13. Finding ways to get out of work

14. Having to do actual work

15. Finding your office BFF

16. Finding your Office Husband

17. Getting through the day

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