12 Clips Of Gilda Radner To Remember How Awesome She Is (Some NSFW)

Gilda Radner would have been 69 today. But she left us far too early. An original cast member of Saturday Night Live and paved the way for female comedians everywhere. Here are some of her best moments from SNL and stage

1. SNL - Extremely Stupid (with Candace Bergen)

One of her most famous SNL sketches

2. Lets Talk Dirty To The Animals (NSFW)

3. SNL Roseanne Rosannadanna on Smoking

4. Gilda Radner in “The Audition”

5. SNL - Baba WaWa at Large

6. SNL - I Love Lucy A-Bomb

7. SNL - Nerds of Seduction (with Bill Murray)

The Todd and Lisa sketches on SNL are as awesome today as 40 years ago.

8. SNL - Candice Bergen and Gilda Radner hate skinny hipster dudes

Funny how some things never change

9. The Muppet Show. Gilda Radner - Tap Your Troubles Away


11. Miss Emily Litella

12. SNL - Todd and Lisa at the Prom

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