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The Eyes Have It! 14 Celebrities With Different Colored Eyes

July 12th is International Different Colored Eyes Day; a condition known as Heterochromia iridum. Just another funky way we're all unique.

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Heterochromia iridum is a pigmentation of the irises (the coloured bit of your eye).

For some people it is very subtle, some very distinct. Some appear as totally different colours, others may have dark coloured dots in their iris. It doesn't effect the eyesight of the person in most cases at all. It can be caused by many things. Genetics, illness or disease or injury.

You can find more about it here

David Bowie is NOT one of them


Contrary to popular belief, the Thin White Duke actually suffers from anisocoria, unequal pupils. Fourteen year old Bowie was punched in the eye during a fight over a girl whilst at school. He has an enlarged pupil as a result, which gives the impression of 2 different coloured eyes.

But here are some celebrities that do have amazing different coloured peepers

Some actors choose to use contacts so their eyes match so it isn't always noticeable. Other times, their images are photoshopped.

Others include:

Alyson Hannigan (Buffy, How I Met Your Mother)

Olivia Wilde (Tron, Rush)

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