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13 Things Young People Want From Brexit

Aged between 13 and 29? Then you deserve to have your voice heard too! Head to Undivided to have your say on what you want from the Brexit negotiations.

All the following demands are as voted for by young people on the Undivided website. Have a read, then make sure your voice is heard by voting yourself!

1. "Make politicians more accountable and make sure parliament votes on the terms of Brexit."

It's already gotten pretty ugly as the debate over Article 50 has gone from Parliament to the High Court and then back again. That isn't likely to be resolved any time soon, but what is clear if you ask young people (which they should!) is that Theresa May should put any Brexit terms before MPs first.

Have your say here.

2. "Use the money saved from being in the EU to reduce university tuition fees and fix our outdated education system."

The UK sends a significant amount of cash to the EU as part of its membership, so where should that money be go if/when we leave? Undivided voters feel education needs that investment the most.

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3. “Give 16- and 17-year-olds the ability to vote so they are fairly represented.”

As with general elections, the minimum voting age for the Brexit referendum was 18. Should this be lowered to give more young people a say?

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4. "Move more job opportunities outside of London and prioritise the disadvantaged areas.

What's also clear with early voting is that young people feel there is a divide between London and the rest of the country. Brexit could be an important opportunity to begin tackling this.

Have your say here.

5. "Protect the opportunities for young people to live, work, and study abroad."

While everyone has questions on what Brexit means (it means Brexit), one of the key concerns for young people is their future ability to leave the UK. It is a big world out there, after all!

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6. "Review our immigration system."

This was one of the big talking points over the summer, and whatever happens in the negotiations, immigration will no doubt play a big role. So why shouldn't young people be part of that conversation too?

Have your say here.

7. "Protect human rights and employment laws."

The European Courts of Human Rights and Justice have had large influence on UK law, and it's unclear at this stage which laws will be repealed and which protected.

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8. "Britain should become a world leader in tackling climate change."

According to Undivided's young voters (and nearly every scientist ever), climate change IS a real thing. And they feel the UK should be leading the way in tackling it, whether we're in the EU or not.

Have your say here.

9. "Introduce a proportional voting system to make sure every vote counts."

The Brexit referendum was decided by a fractional margin. With every vote counting, young people feel there's no reason why we shouldn't apply this to all elections moving forward.

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10. "Find out what staying in or leaving the single market means for our generation."

Once again, Brexit means Brexit, but what does this all mean for today's youth? The pound crashed after the result, meaning more expensive summer holidays for everyone. Will the pound recover? Will it have bigger implications beyond holidays?

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11. "Keep the NHS funded and free for those who need it, with an emphasis on mental health care."

Everybody remembers the big red Leave bus, and young people see health care as a priority too. The question is: How will that money be spent?

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12. "Make housing a priority so rents are affordable and young people have a chance to get on the housing ladder."

Rather than telling young people how unlucky they are that houses are so unaffordable, perhaps Brexit could help actually do something about it!

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13. "Work with local communities to stamp out hate crime, with authorities working with BAME groups to promote inclusion and tolerance in post-Brexit Britain."

Ridding Britain of hate crime should go without saying, but perhaps the fact that it has to be said is another great reason why young people should be given a voice!

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Only 2% of MPs that will vote on Brexit are under 30. That's why you should head to Undivided now to make sure your voice is heard.

Undivided is an organisation set up to ensure that the voice of young people is not overlooked in the most significant process of our generation. We’re not run by any political parties, but instead we’re looking for support from everyone.

Undivided will accept all demands from young people, and then manage a voting process to decide on the top 10 demands as stated by UK 13- to 29-year-olds, before presenting to Parliament in March.

Head over to to have your say before entries close on January 31st.