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How Normal Are Your Brexit Opinions?

What does Brexit mean to you? Undivided is a new campaign set up to ensure the voice of young people is not overlooked, so stand up and have your say!

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Now you've voted on BuzzFeed, head over to Undivided to have your say and help decide which demands will be presented to Parliament!

Undivided is a new campaign that will ensure the voices of young people are not overlooked during Brexit negotiations.

The campaign does not seek to reverse the referendum result, but instead to move forwards by setting out where we go from here as a country. Undivided will accept all demands from young people, and then manage a voting process to decide on the top 10 demands as stated by UK 13- to 29-year-olds, before being presented to parliament.

Have your say on the most significant political process of our generation now by heading to