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These New Shoes From Under Armour Are “The Most Versatile Ever,” So I Spent A Weekend Testing Them Out

Get yourself a shoe that can take you from the gym to work and everything in between.

Hi! I'm Kyle and while I'm no bodybuilder, I have spent most of my adult life trying to get swole 💪.

the author in the gym

So when Under Armour asked if I wanted to give its new SlipSpeed shoe that was "designed for athletes" a try, I knew I had to fully commit to my inner gym bro.

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But don't worry, you don't actually need to be a gym bro to wear these shoes. They are unisex!

First things first, though: what colour? I'm not normally a colourful shoe kind of guy but then I thought, Hey it's 2023. Let's go wild! So I grabbed the shoes in red and white. I also had my eye on the black and white version.

the red and white shoe

After trying the shoe on, I instantly learned the reason why they're called "the most versatile ever." It's the innovative convertible heel. Easily go from the gym to the grocery store just by dropping the heel.

Another cool feature was the BOA Fit System, which basically does away with shoelaces. With a 12-point lock system, running out the door has never been quicker.

But before we use the convertible heel, we had to test the full shoe out at the gym. First up, some stretching.

Followed up by some dead lifts. I immediately noticed how comfortable the shoes were and how the grip helped distribute the weight from the very tips of my toes to my heel.

By the end of my workout, things were feeling great. My feet weren't super sweaty or gross thanks to the breathable venting on the top of the shoe.

I really get a feel for the flexibility of the shoe when I did some machine calf presses. My regular gym shoes are pretty rigid so this was a breath of fresh air.

To finish things off, I did some dreaded cardio that lasted all of 10 minutes. The shoes were still a dream to wear especially with the ISO-chill padded interior. Soft and cooling = win-win!

Once the workout was over, I was able to flip down the heel and switch into a more casual state of mind. So I hit the grocery store for a few items.

Sunday morning started early so I threw on my SlipSpeed shoes for a quick trip to the coffee shop.

I then realized I forgot my bag at work so it was a dreaded weekend trip to the office, followed by grabbing some food and heading to a friend's house for the rest of the night!

And while my shoes are brand-new, I love the fact that when they need a little bit of a freshening up, I'll be able to throw them right into the washing machine. After all this snow, they might need it soon.

the shoes on the opening of the washing machine

The bottom line:

If you're looking for a new workout shoe that can actually be worn outside of the gym, the new Under Armour SlipSpeed is definitely one to consider. Even if you're not a big gym-goer, the look and feel of these shoes will make people think you're pumping iron seven days a week and that you're stylish as hell while doing so.

If you think the Under Armour SlipSpeed Training Shoes could help you in the gym, on the track, or just on the streets, pick up a pair at

a pair of black and white shoes