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Girls Attempt To Solve 9 Single Guy Problems

It's time to fix the "hopeless" in "hopeless romantic." For more tips about what NOT to do on dates, catch the new season of Undateable, premiering Tuesday, March 17, only on NBC!

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We begged a group of women to help out with some problems all single guys seem to share.

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Harriet: Not in a parking garage, an elevator, or any other equally creeptastic location.

Julie: First, ask yourself: Have I met this person at least once before? If the answer is no, do not proceed. You'll never overcome stranger danger.

Casey: Use your words.

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Casey: Start with underwear, then improvise!

Emily: First date: clothes. Second date: clothes.

Ayla: Not the same outfit. Girls notice that shit.

Harriet: You can never go wrong with a tux. You're taking us somewhere tux-worthy, correct?

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Casey: Wherever they sell Old Spice and Hanes T-shirts.

Julie: "Boyfriend material" is only sold to people who respect their elders and don't have face tattoos. It's not sold, it's earned.

Ayla: I think they sell it at Barneys. If you give me your credit card, I'd be happy to go and get some for you...

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Harriet: That depends on whether or not you want to see me again.

Emily: Who makes more money?

Jen: We split it, always — that's the downside of feminism. :/

Ayla: If it was good, we'll both pay for it tomorrow morning with a frightful hangover.

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Jen: Remember, lingering eye contact does NOT mean you have nice eyes.

Casey: If she's moaning like a cat in heat, that's usually a good sign.

Harriet: Start leaning in — if her eyes get all shifty, and she starts mentioning her vast training in jiu-jitsu, proceed with caution.

Ayla: If you're on a rowboat on a misty lake, and a crab whispers softly in your ear, "Percussion," that's when you know you should kiss the girl.

Scott Garfield

Ashley: Other women.

Emily: That dead body isn't doing you any favors.

Casey: Do you have any sort-of-real furniture? Is there real food in your fridge? Does your towel smell funky? Are there some hand towels in the bathroom?

Jen: If you have a Bob Marley or Pulp Fiction poster, you are 100% interchangeable with every guy ever.

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Harriet: That's just the guy's version of "Do I look fat in this?" ...which means the answer is "Nooooo, of COURSE not!!!"

Casey: It's not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean... Yeah, it does.

Ayla: If it's the friend I am thinking of, tell him to call me.

Emily: Send me a pic, and I'll let you know.

Sarah: If your tongue is always at attention, everything else is negotiable. ;)

For more single guy/single girl problems, catch the new season of Undateable, premiering Tuesday, March 17, only on NBC!

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