One of these days I'm going to cut you into little pieces.
    • Unconscience

      many jews, such as my father, fled to america during the nazi occupation of their homeland, and have no sense of kinship with israel. when you have been the victim of heinous acts carried out in the name of god, seeing israelis do the same, claiming the expansion into palestinian territory is pre-ordained, there is no pass because it is a jew making this claim. a bully is a bully.  many of the american evangelical conservatives who are ardent israel backers, do so as their faith tells them that the jews returning to jerusalem is biblical prophecy that proceeds the rapture. of course, the jews all go to hell for not accepting jesus as their lord and savior, but for now, best friends!

    • Unconscience

      now, if this were a group of 14 people who were anti death penalty and had based their conclusions on thoroughly researched facts and well-thought out reasoned arguments, than you would be correct.  however, when a group of people happily decide to deny fellow americans equality under the law, based on, let’s be honest here, pure horseshit, then to them i say “you and the horse you rode in on.” and to you, i say ‘welcome to the internet’ because apparently you have never been on it before. you want “real discourse”?!? that’s the name of a porn site for first time amateurs.

    • Unconscience

      “Don’t take it out in public or they will stick you in the dock, and you won’t …a come …a back. Ooh, thankyouverymuch…” A little off topic, but I did enjoy your analogy…

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